New Rans Hello, and thanks for looking at my airplane! This is a Rans S7S Fast Build Kit that has.

Item specifics
Condition: New Make: Rans
Hello, and thanks for looking at my airplane! This is a Rans S7S Fast Build Kit that has been partially (mostly) completed. The first two photos are of other finished aircraft just to show you an image of the finished airplane. Very little construction remains. This is a fast build kit with pretty much every option Rans had to offer at the time of purchase, including Whelen strobes and Cleveland brakes. It is covered in Superflight Fabric. All fabric covering is done and primed. Many of the smaller components are finish painted in Matterhorn White. The instrument panel is professionally wired and has some great features. Included is a factory new Rotax 912 100hp engine with radiator, oil cooler, stainless steel exhaust, engine mount, and/or an EAA designated inspector.
All fabric covering is done including flaps, ailerons, elevators, and rudder. All are primed, and much of it is also finished in Matterhorn White. Everything has been pre-inspected, and final inspection signed off by a licensed A&P. Fabric, paint, and primer are Superflight, which came standard with the kit.
Engine: Rotax 912 100hp, factory new, pickled, zero time, engine. The Rotax 912 is a naturally aspirated air and water cooled, horizontally opposed four cylinder, four stroke, gear reduction drive engine. Radiator, oil cooler, and cabin heater included, as well as stainless steel exhaust/springs.
Seats are completed and covered in Crimson Red and Black fabric. Baggage compartment done with station 3 closeout included.
Wings are covered and primed. Fuel tanks were pressure tested, and passed. Pre-covering and final inspection signed off by a licensed A&P. Doors are assembled and primed, and struts also completed. Whelen strobes and pitot tube are included, but not installed.
Main landing gear with Cleveland brakes and tail wheel assembled and was installed for fit.
The picture of the boxes are the few remaining parts from the kit.
Including Warp Drive 72 inch 3-Blade Prop with tapered blades, and nickel leading edges.
Entire tail section of fuselage covering was aided by a licensed A&P, the work is superb.
The fuselage came completely factory welded. Front and rear rudder,brake controls, and both sticks are nickel plated. Floor is laminated walnut. The entire structure was put on the gear and assembled as a skeleton before beginning the covering process, to insure good fit. All controls were then checked and measured for correct alignment and movement.
Included are a full set of all manuals, and a pictorial history of the build, from factory pick up to present day. Everything to this point has been done right, and no expense was spared.
Please contact me with any questions, I"ll be happy to help you!
Current date: 2020-02-17