“Slightly used, most parts have only 58 hours.” Rotorway Up for auction I have slightly used.

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Make: Rotorway
Up for auction I have slightly used Rotorway engine and drivetrain. Some parts are new, most have 58 hours, and the 162F water pump has about 150 hours.
We"ll start with the engine. As seen in the pictures it comes with everything you need to make it run. The carb is mounted, as is the starter. The ignition and wires are pictured and only need power wired to them. Both fuel pumps are there and ready for fuel lines and wiring. Even includes the exhaust ready to mount.
All the above engine parts came from an Exec 90 that was being converted to a Jet Exec and were in running condition when removed and in fact I have heard it run. The idler pulley and 35mm secondary were also removed from this same ship and all have 58 hours. I also received the Mitsuboshi drive belts when I bought this package. They are a couple years old but have never been cut apart so they are obviously still new.
The water pump and thermostat are from a 162F that had 150 hours when it was converted to an electric water pump. These came in a box of spare parts and I have no real knowledge of how functional they are.
The oil bath, chain, and sprockets are all new and since the oil bath has the inner lip, I presume they came from a 162F that was converted to belt drive during the build. The previous owner had started on the upper cover but the lower cover was never drilled and therefore never installed. The only oddball part here in the large sprocket collar. It is for a 1 1/2 inch shaft. If you have a 1 3/4 inch shaft you will need to use the one you have. Since the sprocket is not drilled, I don"t see that being a problem.
I had originally collected all these parts to upgrade a Scorpion I had but I recently sold it and got myself into a 162F. If you have a Scorpion or early Exec, now is you chance to get a good deal on upgrading it to exec 90 specs.
As an added bonus, if you bring along a flash drive I can set you up with a set of pdf files containing Exec 90 construction, engine, and maintenance manuals.
Now the fine print. I will not ship this package, Ebay automatically added the Uship information. This is a cash at pick-up transaction and I really do mean just that. Cash at time of pick-up. If you cannot drive here yourself or hire someone to drive here, pay me in cash, and pick it up, please do not bid.
Current date: 2020-01-05