1958 Rockwell Aerocommander 1958 with Lycoming 0540 A2B s runs great. Have been slowly bringing this.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1958
Make: Rockwell
Aerocommander 1958 with Lycoming 0540-A2B"s runs great. Have been slowly bringing this aircraft up to serviceable again but I have too many projects in front of me right now so am offering this here in case someone wants a solid plane to get their hands on .Price will go up as I dedicate more time on this one. Aircraft is currently in Alabama. Engines run great and I have included a list of everything done so far. What it needs to fly, hydraulic unloader rebuilt, 2 voltage regulators, 2 (3 in 1 gauges, I already have) installed. Battery is brand new Gill . Lots of time spent on this plane. It comes with current airworthiness certificate. I have the FAA blue ribbon certificate and a ton of paperwork and manuals along with it, logs are to be reconstructed. It has the upgraded Parker-Hannifin wheel brake conversion on it as well. Feel free to message with any questions you may have. Thanks for looking and check out my other auctions as well. Will add more pics soon
-installed 8 new bungees on gear (4 per side) part number 9044 Superior and lubed swivels sourced from aircraft spruce
-new tube and tire for nose wheel including cleaning and repacking bearings etc. Monster 6.00 x 6 tire and tube from Desser
-Engine oil on both engines drained after run up and refilled both engines with 12qtc Aeroshell 80 plus 1 bottle camguard per engine. Oil screens checked and gaskets replaced.
-Hydraulic reservoir drained and filled with new fluid and used filter reinstalled upon inspection found serviceable.
-Unloader needs rebuilt
-Red lens on right wing tip replaced as well as new bulbs for position lights.
-Rotating beacon serviced on vertical and new bulbs installed.
- Fuel strainers cleaned
-Gear pivot points /zircs lubricated
- Air cleaners washed w/Av Gas, oiled with 10 wt and reinstalled
- Tires aired up to proper pressure
- New GE50E battery installed with new hold down hardware
- Lube all control cable pulleys and pivot points
-greased props and reinstalled spinners with aeroshell 5/6
-checked engine compartment for leaks, bad wiring etc.
- cleaned out interior of aircraft
-ground runup ok, props feather
-2 Voltage regulator need replaced
-flaps function correctly, lubed at all pivots
-trim tabs lubed and function properly
-3 n 1 gauges need replaced
-checked all hoses fuel and hydro lines
-replace front windshields if necessary
-Fuel pumps check out fine and fuel valves operate properly
Current date: 2020-01-26