“Rebuildable Rockwell 112 TCA and Commander parts Inventory for sale.” Rockwell Commander 1979.

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Make: Rockwell Commander Model Year: 1979
Commander Inventory for sale. I am a long term Commander owner and love these airplanes but My private airport has been sold so I have decided to sell my Commander inventory rather than move it out of state. This includes a complete 1979 112 TCA; minor damage and repairs were started; engine is to be considered a core. An undamaged 112 fuselage, extra 112TCA wing with no damage, one 112A wing undamaged. Spare elevators and control surfaces (at least two extra sets). Numerous extra parts like wing skins and interior pieces, gear legs and parts, and a spare 112 motor mount.
This was the next to last TCA built and has 1820 TT. Acft lost power on takeoff and landed in shallow muddy water off the end of the runway then nosed over. The nose over was so minor the beacon and cap on top of the tail is undamaged. The windshield was cracked and the cabin roof above the windshield received a few small dents. Both wingtips had some damage. Repairs were started: leather interior was removed and stored, damaged roof skin was de-riveted and a replacement is clecoed in place, one wing was de-riveted outboard of the fuel tank to facilitate rebuild, second wing has very little damage limited only to extended wingtip area of TC & B model 112’s. Original equipment Instruments and radios were removed to facilitate access and cleaning. I discarded those and intended to replace with modern glass. Nothing below the panel or any hydraulic or fuel systems got wet in the landing or recovery. I am enclosing a picture of the acft after recovery and the water line shows exactly the area exposed to water. On the interior only the front seat headrests and the overhead panel ceiling panel got wet, both were cleaned and are in good condition although the front seats should be recovered due to normal wear. All items have been stored indoors in a dry hanger for years. There are many spare parts including formed wing skins and cowling pieces, and a custom stainless steel firewall that has never been installed. All Repairs and further work was stopped years ago when we were contemplating a 350 hp turbine conversion for the Commander. I always considered this a long term project of love and other priorities kept pushing it to the back burner. Rolling stands are included for both fuselages and TCA wings. Parts value alone is worth many times asking price but would make a great rebuild/upgrade project for the right person. SOLD AS A PACKAGE - I am not interested in parting out; I’m retiring and have too many other airplanes and things to play with. The TCA has current registration and complete log books, there may be limited paperwork on the 112 fuselage. Located in NE Houston.
ADDITION: I know the thought of moving all of these big pieces as well as storage is a concern to some but If you fly a Commander the right answer is to buy the whole package for $15K and take what you want - I will scrap with the rest. There are extra ailerons, extra rudders, horizontal stabilizers etc that could easily be hung and stored on any hanger wall. There are also many landing gear parts, extra legs etc that would not take a lot of room, not to mention hard to find interior parts and many small parts that could be placed on a shelf in an out of the way corner. “Just in case” you ever need them or you can decide to sell parts to others. This is an absolute bargain for anyone who owns a Commander and it will be a tremendous loss of parts for the whole community if someone doesn"t pick this stuff up. Ideally I would love to see 44MH fly again but I have to be honest after looking at prices, the greater value may be in parts sales.
BTW this is not just something for 112 owners. This was the next to last 112TCA ever built, many of the part numbers visible on airframe and wing components are actually stamped with the 114 part number.
Note: Short term Storage is available for $250. per month.
Listing is subject to local sale and may be cancelled before auction ends.
Current date: 2021-04-03