New Due to a medical condition I will not be able to build this kit.The kit was purchased in 2015.

Item specifics
Condition: New
Due to a medical condition I will not be able to build this kit.
The kit was purchased in 2015 directly from the company in the Czech Republic and air shipped to California. (The kit is still in its original packaging, unopened except for inventory purposes. All original invoices are available.) More info on the plane can be found here: here kit contains the following items:
Basic kit, taildraggerUndercarriage taildragger setComposite parts set, carbon spar, 34 liter fuel tankMetal parts setStarter kit (rudder)Plan (CAD)Full size fuselage drawings (CAD)
The notable exception missing from the kits are the hot-wired foam wing rib kit as at time I decided that it is not cost effective to ship those across the Atlantic.
The entire kit cost me $6336 in 2015 and I will offer it now for $3500 + shipping. However, in October I plan to slowly drive across the US from west to east, so if agreed, I can hand deliver the kit for the cost of fuel if it makes sense. I am in Oregon as of now.
This kit at this price is rarely available in the US, so take advantage of it while you can. It will be a sad day for me when it will sell.
Current date: 2019-08-28