New Seawind 3000 2000 KIT # 047 I bought this Seawind 3000 kit new in the year 2000 with a complete.

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Seawind 3000

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2000 KIT # 047

I bought this Seawind 3000 kit new in the year 2000 with a complete build in mind, So when I ordered it Iwas sure to have the factory build as much as they legally could. They built the hull in there jigs and installed the tail section including a plum motor mount. They finished the bottom of the hull and made it ready to paint. The factory also index the wing mounting on the haul. The wings were also built by Seawind and the standard and aux fuel tanks installed and tested. I orded about all the options they offered, I did not get the steerable nose wheel. Im used to flying a Lake anphib and the lake is a catering nose wheel that seems to work very well. Although the steerable nose wheel offered by Seawind can be installed any time after the A/C in flying.I will try to include a list of equipment showing all that I ordered when I bought this fantastic aircraft. Iv completed just a few task which include the rear horizontal stabilizer , the elevator , the ailerons. and the tail top fin.Those of you that know the Seawind story also know that the flying fleet is very few, there were only about 150 Seawind 3000 kits ever built. The remaining kits pop up here and there but not often. This is a sexy and fast seaplane, if you like the idea of landing on the water and going here to there a bit faster then my Lake 180 then your looking for this plane. I only wish I had the time or could afford to have a professional builder finish this plane. I simply bit off more then I can chew. Not its time to S*#t or get off the pot. I listed this plane early in 2014 and the pictures I posted show the A/C in shrink rap. Iv removed this to show the A/C and I will have it rewrapped again to protect it from U/V rays and a harsh Mi. winter. if it dont sell it will go back into indoor storage, by fall. The plane does not come with an engine or instruments, That way the builder can install what ever suits you best. You can call to ask any questions you may need answered I can be reached at 313 410 9408. Trailerable float plane trade will be considerd. What do you have? Thanks for looking.
Current date: 2014-10-31