“Damaged . The right wing of this aircraft was damaged while in ground transport. The right wing was.

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“Damaged .... The right wing of this aircraft was damaged while in ground transport. The right wing was removed from the aircraft for transportation and was damaged on the ground. (See photo).”
SKY PUP Ultralight with Rotax 277, With Double Hanger Space Rental* *Construction plans. *Recovery parachute included, but not installed. *Rotax 277 engine. *Trailer 8 x 21.* Hanger 21" x 60"* Hanger rent: $90 per Ultralight.* Spaces Available: 2* Location, Brian Ranch California. General characteristics · Crew: one · Length: 15 ft 11 in (4.85 m) · Wingspan: 31 ft 0 in (9.45 m) · Height: 4 ft 4 in (1.32 m) · Wing area: 130 sq ft (12 m2) · Gross weight: 400 lb (181 kg) · Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 277 Performance · Cruise speed: 55 mph (89 km/h; 48 kn) · Stall speed: 26 mph (42 km/h; 23 kn) · Never exceed speed : 69 mph (111 km/h; 60 kn) · Range: 150 mi (130 nmi; 241 km) · Rate of climb: 450 ft/min (2.3 m/s) · Lift-to-drag: 12:1 Watch the video about it here: here : If you want to takeover renting the hanger, we recommend that you let us know through the E-bay system within 24 hours of auction close. We pay an incredibly low price of $90 per month per space. We are renting 2 spaces so we get to use the entire hanger for $180 a month. There is reportedly a 5-year waiting list for hanger spaces. So, if you need an extra parking spot this might be a way for you to get one. If you buy this item you normally get to take over the hanger, However the final determination will be with the airport owner. We make no guarantee that the airport will approve you to takeover renting the hanger. We make no guarantee that you can store this item or any other item at this airport. The hanger rental space is not part of the E-bay auction. If you are the winning bidder you are entitled to the item and related parts only. You may be required to remove the item from the airport. You will be required to sign documents pertaining to and confirming that you are the new owner and you understand and agree to the terms. DISCLAMER: This item has been used as an Ultralight successfully and it worked great, and was a lot of fun! However, the seller makes no claim that it is now suited for any use. Seller is not trained or qualified to know about this item or related parts. Seller is not qualified to make any appropriate assessments, Therefore, any description of it, either written or verbal should not be construed to imply or warrant that the item is safe or currently ready to be used in any manner. If the seller says something to the effect of “flies great” that should be considered to be nothing more than an opinion from an unqualified person. The statement should not be relied upon. In the event the buyer wishes to use this item in any way, we advise him or her to contact a professional to determine if it is possible and to determine what training and preparations would be needed. The exact name and description of the Item may not be accurate. However, the item photographed is the item for sale. The item is sold As Is, Wear Is, with no Warrantee, or Guarantee. The item is non-returnable, and non-refundable. No adjustments will be made. We require full payment to be in the form of cash at the time of pickup. The item may be sold locally prior to auction close date, and or sold outside of E-bay, or sold on E-bay in another way. The auction may be canceled early at our option. In the event any limitation(s) term(s) are found to be un-enforceable the remaining terms and limitations remain in full effect. The trailer lights are broken and the item is not secured to the trailer. The trailer rolls and the tires appear ok, but the Buyer is responsible for determining the condition of the trailer prior to any use. The buyer guarantees that the trailer will not be used in an illegal manor. The buyer guarantees that he or she will register and insure it prior to using trailer or have it dismantled. If E-bay says we accept Pay Pal as final payment, E-bay is in error. The PayPal Deposit will be credited back to you only after you have paid in full with cash and take full possession of the item. In the event you request a cancellation or if you do not complete the purchase within 7 days, the sale may be voided at the seller’s discretion without notice, and all deposits become cancellation fees and are nonrefundable, and you forfeit all rights to the item. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this item as much as we did. :)
Current date: 2019-02-18