Spitfire Full Scale ReplicaBuilt from Jurca MJ 100 plans.Includes authentic Spitfire airplane.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Spitfire
Full-Scale ReplicaBuilt from Jurca MJ-100 plans.Includes authentic Spitfire airplane blueprints - the true value to this package deal!
No skin on fuselage frame, just skeleton.Does not come with electronics, mechanical, engine.This aircraft was designed and built to be a flying replica, however since it is not finished and to avoid any possible liability issues, I am offering it without the engine and propellor as a NON-flying display replica.
I am not selling molds, but they can be taken again, using this replica as a plug. So, you could make molds from this plane to produce an entire squadron of other planes.
Crating, shipping, and insurance cost are buyer responsibility. ​The plane can fit into a 40 foot open-top container.
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Current date: 2020-09-02