2007 Spitfire This unique project is a very detailed & accurate full scale reproduction of the.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2007
Make: Spitfire
This unique project is a very detailed & accurate full-scale reproduction of the famous British WWII fighter, the Spitfire MK-IX.​Made from scratch by a father-son team out of Argentina back in 2007. Follows original blueprints of a Spitfire MK-IX with the aid of two aeronautical engineers to ensure the correct adaptation from metal construction (of original planes) to composites.​Vinyl-ester resin and aerospace quality fiberglass were used in the construction of this plane.​The great attention to detail made by the builders can be seen in close-up photos of the plane, where you notice fake rivet heads along the fuselage. ​In order to produce this plan, it was necessary to build a full-size mock up, with all the details, then molds to laminate each part.​I am not selling molds, but they can be taken again, using this replica as a plug. So, you could make molds from this plane to produce an entire squadron of other planes.There are some parts missing as they were never built with this plane:Ailerons (both)One flap​I have authentic Sptifire blueprints on the side. The plane could have the wings re-made to follow these blueprints instead of the ones that come with the plane. If buyer desires, I will include JUST the portion of the blueprints that entail the wing structure and buildout, at no extra cost.
There was an original pilot"s seat (made in Bakelite) that they were able to take a mold of and replicate the mechanisms. That is the current seat in the airplane. Landing gear struts were made from a Navion Aircraft, modified with a cosmetic cover to look like the original Spitfire theme. There are also several mechanical parts pre-built, like the control stick and pedals of the plane.
Full-Scale ReplicaFiberglass exteriorOriginal Pilot"s SeatLanding Gear Struts+ more... (extensive parts list)
Specifications:Span: 36" 10" (11.25m)Length: 31" 1/2" (9.45m)Seat: 1Wing area: 241.98 ft2 (22.48 m2)Wing ratio: 5.63Wing Airfoil: NACA 2212Max Speed: 230 mph (368 kph)*Cruise Speed: 198 mph (320 kph)*​*With Snecma 12T06 650 HP engine (not provided)
This aircraft was designed and built to be a flying replica, however since it is not finished and to avoid any possible liability issues, I am offering it without the engine and propeller as a NON-flying display replica.Crating, shipping, and insurance cost are buyer responsibility. ​The plan can fit into a 40 foot open-top container.
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