New 2000 Seawind Seawind Amphibious Airplane. This aircraft was meticulously built by a master.

Item specifics
Condition: New Model Year: 2000
Make: Seawind
Seawind Amphibious Airplane. This aircraft was meticulously built by a master craftsman that took it to about 80% completion. Unbelievable craftsmanship!! You wanna turn some heads? This is it!! This aircraft looks to be very close to being ready for paint, interior and avionics. Customize the way you want. Perfect project for someone with the right skills. This is the fastest 4 place designed. with 100 gal tanks!! Useful load: 1,100 lb Max. takeoff weight: 3,400 lb Empty wt 2300 lbs. Maximum speed: 174 knots (200 mph, at sea level. Cruise speed: 147 knots (169 mph at 55% power at 8,000 ft. Stall speed: 63 knots (72 mph in clean configuration. Range: 905 nm (1040 mi with main tanks. Service ceiling: 18,000 ft. Rate of climb: 1250 ft/min.Unfortunately the gentleman who started this project passed away before completion. I had an expert from planemakers that built over 20 Seawinds look this plane over from top to bottom and told it has been done very well indeed!! Plane comes with many extras too numerous to list. (Fire suppression system, autopilot servos, camera setups (YouTube special).... It has a zero time certified IO-540-K1H5. 300HP with a 3 blade MT-9-B-C-R(M) zero time prop. (Engine has had something crankshaft replaced under warranty and pickled by factory) Ref new list price for this motor. here prices are before you install items like muffler, baffles...This motor is gorgeous!! Chrome intakes and valve covers, fire suppression system, takeoffs for engine monitor, baffling is literally spit shined. Seriously, this motor is a thing of beauty.I have a guy that can deliver in the contiguous US for a reasonable fee or containerize and ship anywhere in the world.Plane is hangered in Leesburg, VA (KJYO). Feel free to arrange inspection or ask questions. Charlie 303-246-0644
Current date: 2020-06-24