New I have a great Sonex project for sell. It has a low time jab3300 220hr I have log book. The.

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I have a great Sonex project for sell. It has a low time jab3300 220hr I have log book. The sn.33A1257. I also have 2 GRT WS Horizon screens with moving maps gps and full flight display. It also comes with a microair2000 transponder and mgl v6 radio. I also have ray Allen trim servos and stick grips. The only thing left to do is finish canopy and cowling and cooling baffles. All the new probs are on engine and need harness ran to inside of plane. the fuel line needs hooked up as well. I have two electric fuel pumps one for engine and other for extra fuel. There are tons of extra parts and I also have several analog gauges. I also have the led position lights for wings. The wings are painted red and white because I bought the from a guy parting out his plane they are the sport acro wings with larger ailerons. There was nothing wrong with that airplane the guy thought the plane was too fast. It was a nice plane and it was a quick build from factory. I got them to speed the project up. When I was rigging I must have put a small dent in bottom it was repairs I had a EAA inspector look at plane once I rigged the wings. He gave me a green light to move forward on project. at that time I had the vw engine and decided to sell and use a jabiru 3300. To build this your self it would cost 50 to 60k and a ton of time. I have to sell because I have lost my place to build and the use of all the tools and I am looking forward to spending more time with wife and grand kids. For that reason it makes this decision easy. I also have all paper work and plans the paper trail is important in home built air planes. I am sure I have missed some stuff the plane is about 95 finished. If you purchase this project I would need a 1000 deposit that is non refundable sorry I am tired of tire kickers and unrealistic people.
Current date: 2019-11-17