Greetings,You are bidding on a used, complete Ultralight aircraft. There is no paperwork logs to.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
You are bidding on a used, complete Ultralight aircraft. There is no paperwork/logs to indicate the type of ultralight or kit this is, however, has been called a 3/4 scale J3 by the owner and those whom have flown it.
The item belongs to a Korean War vet that hasn"t been able to fly it in appx 10 years. While it is a complete aircraft, it has not been flown nor started, therefore will need work before its ready to take to the skies again. It has a 377 Rotax engine that when hand turned, feels as though it has some compression, beyond that, we"re unsure of its capabilities. It is a geared engine and does have a starter.
The ultralight is aluminum tube and fabric. The fabric has no rips or tears, however, has become loose in some areas. The various dimensions are as follows:
Inside dimensions of the fuselage diameter is 21 inchesWing spars are 49 inchesWings from tip to tip are 30ft 8 inches Rudder height from tail spring is 3ft 7 inchesTail feather isn7ft 6.5 inchesCenter of tire to center of tire is 4ft 1.5 inches Rudder to nose tip is 18ft 7 inches
All tubing is aluminum 3/4" x 1/2"All gussets are pop riveted Front and rear spars are woodenAll of the ribs are pop riveted and aluminum tubing.Compression struts are 3/4" x 1/2" aluminum tubing.Horizontal stabilizer appears to be all aluminum tubing (cannot be verified without cutting into the fabric)
We"ve started the auction at $700 to account for it having sat and the fact that we don"t have much information beyond what"s been noted here. It"s not brand new but it is complete, it has flown and it"s ready for a new pilot to take it under his/her wing!
Please ask any questions prior to bidding. No international bids will be accepted.
(My apologies for having cancelled the last auction. We believed this aircraft was an N3 Pup but we were wrong and didn"t wish to mislead potential bidders)
Current date: 2016-10-04