One off 1937 1937 Bi Plane One off original Barnstormera.k.a. William W. Serial # 1This rare piece.

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Condition: Used Make: one off
Model Year: 1937

1937 Bi-Plane One-off original Barnstormera.k.a. William W. Serial # 1
This rare piece of history was built by the decorated WWllPilot Col. Walter A WilliamsHe built this plane while he was a High school senior. He thenflew this plane for several of his College years.
1940 Walt Joined the Air Force.
The plane was dismantled in 1940 and put in storage. In 1979it was donated to March Air Force Museum in Parris, CA.In 1996 the Museum went to a private operation and returned the plane to the Williams family heirs. Since then then it has passed through several hands.
Col. Williams was one of the youngest squadron commanders to everfly in WWll. he flew the first B-17 Bomber to arrive in England. He flew in over 100 missions. his B-17"s were hit numerous times. At least five ofhis planes received so much damage they had to be scrapped.
This plane is still listed in the current FAA listing of Aircraft.
Although the plane"s current condition is in disarray, it"s stilla piece of aeronautical history. It"s a wonderful candidate for a collectoror museum to restore or display in its current authentic condition.
There is no motor but they can easily be found.
This plane is located in Oceanside, CA. ( Southern California)It is available for inspection anytime.
This is a classified ad and I listed it for $3,900. I would sell it for that or a reasonable offer. Also, interested in any kind of trade forcar, motorcycle or boat.
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