2006 Zenith CH701 SkyJeep with PegaStol wings (trailerincluded) Pickup in Westfield, Indiana NO.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 2006
Zenith CH701 SkyJeep with PegaStol wings (trailerincluded) Pickup in Westfield, Indiana NO RESERVE What are PegaStol wings?They are very rare special wings, manufactured from kitsmade to fit a Zenith CH 701. There were less than 40 kits produced and I don’tbelieve they are currently in production. The primary differences and advantages the PegaStol wings have over the standard Zenith 701 wings are: Uses a narrower air foil. Uses larger flaperons (combination of flaps and ailerons). Wings are longer and more air foil near the root. The slats are air pressure retractable. Has airstream struts. Uses 12 ribs per wing, twice that of Zenith, for added strength and no wash board look. All of the above results in a muchmore efficient wing with more lift and better cruise/top speed.To see a detail video on thePegaStol wings go to you tube and look up “PegaStol Wings for the CH 701”.The engine is a VW 2180 built with new parts. The cooling iscontrolled by an intake system design to make air flow directly over thecylinders and heads. In addition a large oil cooler is used with air directedover it. There is an extra deep oil pan and external large oil filteringsystem. The engine holds about 7 quarts of oil. The instrumentation is complete. It has built in GPS, Dynanglass cockpit, Transponder, Radio, Intercom, all engine instruments includingoil temp, oil pressure, exhaust temp, tack, fuel gauges, outside temp. Flapsand elevator are electric. Push to talk and elevator trim control are on thecyclic grips.The extras and improvements are too numerous to list, buthere are a few.Four 14 gallon fuel tanks.Spring loaded rudder petals assist with front wheel control.Dual cyclic sticks.Removable passenger side cyclic stick.Wheel pants.Four landing lights with Wig-Wag control.Bubble doors with pneumatic dampeners.Custom wood instrument panel designed to pull out for easyaccess.Interior lights and power supply.Three point shoulder and seat belts.Backup electric fuel pump.Service door for ELT.Service ports for fuel sending units.Gray tinted doors, windows, roof top glass and windshield.Reinforced fuselage panels to avoid tin canning. Extended elevator trim tab for better control.Cabin heat with blower.Hand-crafted fiberglass engine cowling, wheel pants and KBSsealed fuel tanks.Inline brake lock.I have all plans, documentation and logs that go with theaircraft.Aircraft was the fourth one built by the same gentleman whowas a builder but not really as interested in flying. Additionally, he lostaccess to a neighbor’s property where he planned to fly it when the husbanddied and the widow was not willing to let him use the property as a runway.I bought the aircraft with plans to do the final “once-over”and gain some experience with the 40 hour fly-off period in addition totime-building toward the minimum 250 hours for a commercial rating. Shortlyafter purchasing, my wife and I ended up fostering several young children andafter adopting them, life has not slowed down to bring this project to the air.We have since moved and started going back to college so life isn’t getting anyless complex. I regret not being able to fly it but it is time to move on. Ianticipate the new owner will need to do a very thorough inspection and test ofmajor systems with a fair bit of ground testing before any taxi tests orflights. The aircraft has been stored both indoors and outdoors (currentlyoutdoors) so it will need checked like any aircraft that is tied down for bird’snests, etc. I believe one of the brake caliper bleeder valves needs replacedand there is a small crease on one section of aluminum skin on a trailing edgewhere a strap shifted during a local transport. The co-pilot door’s bubblewindow has a crack from the stress of the pneumatic closer. The trailer isincluded with the sale and one tire is flat and may need repaired orreplaced (size ST205/75/14). Trailer will include a bill of sale but not a title as I made it froman old boat trailer specifically to move this aircraft which is did flawlessly.The decking is due for replacement. Aircraft includes King KY97a comm, KingKT76 transponder, wing struts, fairings, wheel pants, nose cone, and co-pilotcontrol stick that are not pictured. Builder had 32 hours on it either taxing or just running. Wasrun for extend periods at high rpm and quite hard several times to checkcooling. It has never flown. Builder had over 40k invested in the build notcounting labor. Plane was first built with a Harley Davidson engine but wasremoved due to uneven power pulses. The Harley with the large reduction driveweighed in at about 250. The VW weighs about 155. The empty weightwith the Harley was 848, thus with the VW, it should be about 750 as-is. ThePegaStol wings are built bigger and heavier than the stock Zenith wings. They are a much better wing than the Zenith wing. PegaStol uses 20thousand aluminum skin rather than the 16 Zenith uses. The have 12 25kthick ribs rather than 6 thin ribs Zenith uses. It has four tanks ratherthan two. The two outer tanks could be fairly easily removed withouthaving to remove wing skin. PegaStol thought ahead and allowed for easymaintenance. PegaStol has lots of service access panels. There are twelveservice ports on the bottom of each wing and two on the top to service the fuelsending units. Plus they have a panel above each tank so the tank skincan be removed. Zenith has NONE. The plane has a full set of wheelpants. Removing the pants and extra tanks would lower the overall weighprobably about 50 pounds.The plane will need to be weighed and adjust the CG. The CG range for the PegaStol wings is between 6.5" and 16"5". With the Harley it was at 11.83".There are no warranties/guarantees or liability responsibilitiesgiven, implied or otherwise offered with the sale of this Aircraft.It is"As Is, Where Is"Aircraftmust be picked up by March 31, 2021 unless arrangements are made prior to theclose of auction.$2,000 depositdue within 24 hours and balance due within 10 days of auction end.FAA N number inquiry showsthe aircraft as “de-registered” but paperwork is in process to reactivate itwith the same N number. I overnighted paperwork to meet a deadline at thebeginning of November but that clearly didn’t work and was only alerted to theissue in mid-January. The process may be a bit slow but I’m confident the newbuyer will have a valid airworthiness certificate before the wings are on andit is actually ready to fly. I own another aircraft that you can search in case you want to confirm my identity and that I really am a pilot. Search for N1375W.$2,000 deposit is refundable if any liens are foundagainst the aircraft (HINT: there aren’t any:) Ask anyquestions but just realize that I didn’t build the aircraft and haven’t beenable to do what I hoped to with it. I’ve included the information that I knowfrom the builder in the ad and anything more will likely be speculation. I maybe able to include more pictures so check back in case that is possible.Thanks forlooking and good luck!
Current date: 2021-02-26