Notes: “ Well maintained, recently updated. All maintenance completed for the coming flying season..

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Well maintained, recently updated. All maintenance completed for the coming flying season. ”
Make: Advanced Aviation

Up for auction is an Advanced Aviation Cobra Single place ultralight. Just in time for the summer flying season. I just completed replacing all critical hardware with AN grade aviation hardware. Also, all the fuel lines, fuel pumps (hand and pulse), and fuel filters were replaced with new. The engine is a Cuyuna 430 and is rated at 30hp. It is equipped with a 2SI (Nova) reduction. The reduction is the 3.06/1 high thrust reduction. The standard reduction for the Cobra is a planetary at 2/1 which works but doesn"t perform as it should. With the high thrust reduction, the performance is impressive. I am 215 lbs and 6’1” and the takeoff and climb out is better than some of the airframes I have had with larger engines mainly due to the reduction ratio. The prop is a Warp Drive 3-blade ground adjustable with a balancer. So, it is extra smooth in flight. The instrumentation is basic with airspeed, Tiny Tach for RPM/hours, duel EGT and Single CHT. It is also equipped with a landing light and strobe for evening flights. The instrument panel is custom made (3D printed) specifically for this airframe. It is very light and clean when installed. The sails were new about 4 years ago. The ultralight was placed in storage shortly after the sails were installed so they have very little air-time or UV exposure time. The storage was covered and protected from sunlight. All surfaces were covered with black plastic during storage to add a second layer of protection from light while it was stored. There is some minor hanger rash from storage, but all areas have been repaired. In the photos it appears the wing sails are faded, they are not, they are dusty but not faded. It was something to do with the camera exposure that made them look that way. It is ready to fly. It is flying currently so the hours shown in the photo may increase. It is a spoiler control design but the way the Advanced Aviation company designed the controls it feels very much like an aileron control system. Most spoiler designs are limited with crosswind landings. The Cobra can perform a crosswind landing with confidence. The spoiler control system has been upgraded with adjustable cables to replace the cord that came factory. The cords had a lot of stretch, the cables have very minimal stretch and are adjustable. This gives a much better feel to the system and much more positive control when flying. If you would like to come over to have a look at the Cobra before the auction closes I will gladly give a flight demo weather permitting. If you will need to have the Cobra shipped, you will need to setup all shipping arrangements with your shipper. I do not provide shipping services. Full payment in cash is required prior to shipping. I will assist in loading at my hanger. Disassembly for transport takes about an hour with 2 people. If you have any additional questions or need additional photos let me know and I will get back to you ASAP. Payment and shipping arrangements must be setup within 7 days of auction completion or the item will be relisted and required feed-back will be posted. COBRA 1 General specs: · Crew: 1 · Wingspan: 35 ft 0 in (10.7 m) · Height: 8 ft 9 in · Wing area: 162 ft² (15 m²) · Empty weight: 252 lb (114 kg) · Max takeoff weight: 475 lb (215 kg) · Powerplant: 1 × Cuyuna 430 , 30 hp (22 kW) Performance · Maximum speed: 75 mph (65 knots, 120 km/h) · Cruise Speed 40-50 mph · Stall Speed 25 mph
Located in Dayton, Texas, United States.
Current date: 2019-05-20