Aircraft for sale used. 1959Beech K 35 V 35 Bonanza, N6041E serial number D 5975Aircrafttimes are as.

aircraft for sale used. 1959Beech K-35 / V-35 Bonanza, N6041E serial number D-5975Aircrafttimes are as follows:4649 hoursTTAF103 hoursSMOH on Continental IO-520BB with Factory New Cylinders31 hoursSNEW on McCauley 2A37C223/90RB-6 This isa wonderfully equipped, extensively upgraded Beech K-35. The engine is the highly desirableContinental IO-520BB, which is 285 HP, with the big main journal crankshaft andheavy case. The engine only has 103 hours since major by Aero Engines of Winchester(certified repair station). At the time of overhaul, factory new MillenniumCylinders were installed, and all of the accessories were done. In addition tothe engine upgrade, most V-35B mods have been installed (see list above). ThisBonanza also has many Beryl D’Shannon upgrades, including new tip tanks. These tanks add40 gallons of usable fuel for a total of 110 (104 usable). This tank STC adds200 pounds of load carrying capacity to the aircraft (gross weight increase). Avionicsare as follows:Garmin GMA-340Audio PanelAvidyne IFD540 GPS/Nav/CommGarmin GNC 255Nav/CommAvidyne AXP 340Mode S ADS-B Out TransponderAvidyne Skytrax100 ADS-B In receiverKing KCS-55ASlaved HSIKing KFC-200 3axis autopilot with Flight DirectorKing KFC-200Yaw DamperGPSS SteeringBonzer RadarAltimeterWX-10AStormscopeJPI EDM 700Graphic Engine MonitorElectric TrimPilot SideGear Position IndicatorChronometer4 PlaceIntercomCo-Pilot PTT V-35Mods· LateStyle Panel· IO-520BB engine· BeechExtended Baggage Compartment· ExtendedRear Windows· OverheadVent System· ExtendedTail Cone (Stinger)· V35Cowl· IndividualSeats· LargeRams Horn yoke with PTT, trim, and chronograph· ShoulderHarnesses· TaxiLight· ReadingLights BerylD"Shannon 20 Gal/Side Tip Tanks with 200lb Gross Weight increaseBerylD"Shannon Air / Oil SeparatorBerylD"Shannon Flap and Aileron Gap SealsBerylD"Shannon 1/4” Speedslope windshield w/ Late style side windows and framelessvent windows GlassParkingbrakeMagnesiumRe-skinned Ruddervators104Gallons Usable FuelAeroLEDWingtip Strobes integrated into Tip TanksWhelenLED Tail StrobeOATNew PaintNewLeather and Interior Threeitems of note…there is a crack in the windscreen that has been stop drilled andfilled. There is a crack in theco-pilots side window from one of the vent window hinge screw holes to thewindow frame. These are very minor, butI have included pictures of these so as not to come as a surprise. Lastly, in the interest of full disclosure,this Bonanza was involved in an inadvertent gear retraction on rollout, afterlanding at 62 hours SMOH. This resultedin a prop strike and other minor damage. However, the aircraft has hadall damage repaired. Any damaged sheetmetal was repaired with new panels and not patched. A new McCauley 2A37C223/90RB-6 prop (whichhas no AD attached) was installed, and the engine was removed and sent toAmerica’s Aircraft Engines in Collinsville OK for TCM’s recommended Teardown,Inspection and Reassembly. No engine anomalieswere found during the inspection. Theaircraft has been flown approximately 40 hours since the incident. ThisBonanza is very attractive. It looks like a much newer aircraft, and it is afantastic cross-country machine. Aircraftwill come with a fresh annual (Due November 2022) Current date: 2021-11-22