New ASPEN EFD +1000 PFD W ACU + ANTENNA n Unopened Box AUCTION WILL START AT $1.00 Since Theres a $.

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ASPEN EFD +1000 PFD W/ACU + ANTENNA n Unopened Box AUCTION WILL START AT $1.00 Since Theres a $ 500 Deposit required within 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours Payment > Cashier"s check (certified from US or Canadian bank) or money order +Paypal $ 500 Shipping to World Wide Fees may apply to Out of State Us Ships > Free!
The award-winning Aspen Evolution 1000 series Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) deliver exceptionally easy-to-use, advanced glass panels at the lowest price on the market. Choose from the least expensive high-performance basic glass panel VFR PFD or the top-of- the-line EFD1000 Pro PFD. Not only are Aspen PFDs the most affordable GA glass on the market, your fly-away cost is made even lower because Aspen’s patented retrofit technology delivers substantially lower installation costs. There’s no need for expensive new panel modifications; Evolution Flight Displays (EFDs) uniquely retrofit directly into your aircraft’s six-pack panel holes. The self-contained EFDs also don’t require the installation of heavy remote mount boxes. And since Evolution displays work with the avionics already in your panel - no matter what make - you don’t have to upgrade your GPS or radios. The VFR, the Pilot and Pro PFDs provide professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments. Choose the level of features and capabilities that suit your needs and budget. Evolution EFDs are fully software upgradable, so you can add comprehensive hazard awareness capabilities, Evolution Synthetic Vision, and other new features — all without removing the display from your panel. Evolution also delivers greater flexibility since Aspen flight displays work with your existing GPS, radios, and traffic sensors, so you don’t have to upgrade them until you’re ready.The highly flexible Evolution Primary Flight Displays are the only upgradable single PFD glass panels available and deliver the lowest cost option for adding glass to your aircraft. The modular Evolution system lets you expand your panel with one or two Multi-function Flight Displays (MFDs) as your needs grow and your budget permits. Evolution - your glass panel begins here.
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Current date: 2018-08-08