Notes: “ Agency Reports Condition Code Functioning. We have no means to test in house. AS IS. ”.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Agency Reports Condition Code - Functioning. We have no means to test in-house. AS-IS. ”
Make: Athena Technologies Athena Technologies: UAV Flight Controller

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Ships Priority Lower 48 States Only. Athena Technologies GS111mHs Guidestar Flight Control System. Miniaturized Flight Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and we have a few of these units. Adhesive on unit, not comfortable chemically cleaning it. These units are Agency reported as a Fully-Functioning Condition Code. No means to test in-house. Sold AS-IS. Integrated sensors, flight controls and navigation system. The Athena 111m offers customers a lower unit cost to accommodate smaller unmanned systems. Rockwell Collins engineers have designed the Athena111m with a fully integrated, miniaturized flight control system that combines integrated INS/GPS and a complete air data suite with robust, multivariable control algorithms . Designed specifically for high-performance, unmanned systems, the Athena 111m leverages our patented Feedback LTi’zation design technology to provide robust flight control algorithms applicable to a wide range of vehicles; including, fixed-wing, ducted-fan and rotorcraft systems.
Located in Savannah, Georgia, United States.
Current date: 2019-04-16