Notes: “Complete Engine Runs” Here is a complete Baby Belle Safari Helicopter I was going to bring.

Condition: Seller notes:
“Complete Engine Runs”

Here is a complete Baby Belle-Safari Helicopter I was going to bring back to life but I have found that I am just too busy to do so. So here it is up for grabs. This helicopter has been in storage for years and although the Lycoming engine runs well this machine needs to be completely gone through by a competent technician before ever considering any flying whatsoever. All rubber parts need to be replaced and all new high pressure hoses are included with the sale. This also includes an unregistered tilt trailer designed to move the helicopter easily down the road without removing the blades. The trailer has working lights, winch, and good tires. This is an amazing 2 seat helicopter that only has 99 hours total airframe and engine time. Dual Controls. Can carry two people and some luggage.
This amazingly safe Experimental Category Helicopter is powered by a reliable and safe certified Lycoming O-320 engine.
The operating costs are the lowest in the helicopter industry.
Unlike many other helicopters this helicopter has no belts to rely on for power transfer. Everything is gear driven and the clutch is automatic as well.
Extremely good autorotation characteristics as well. It has a tilt trailer as well and can be easily transported to almost anywhere with a pickup truck or SUV without having to remove the blades.
Great rare opportunity if you are into flying Heli"s.
With the exceptional reliability of a Lycoming engine this experimental helicopter is set apart from the other brands. No battery included. This is a real helicopter and needs to be operated by someone with real helicopter piloting skills-I.E. Do not fly any helicopter without a pilots license and or CFI teaching you.
Here is a short youtube video of the engine running.
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Current date: 2018-05-30