For sale is a BD 5 airplane. I m selling this plane for friend who s a former F 4 driver and now a.

Condition: Used

For sale is a BD-5 airplane. I"m selling this plane for friend who"s a former F-4 driver and now a corporate pilot. He is very busy so I"m handling this for him. Plane has 4 hours flight time and powered by a four cylinder Subaru engine. The plane was built by an A&P engineer and is beautiful. The construction is first class with an attractive paint scheme. It has been sitting in my friend"s garage for the last ten years and hasn"t flown since. The battery is dead of course and it will need some additional work to get it flying again. The trailing edge of one aileron is delaminated as shown in the picture. Aircraft bonding adhesive will take care of it. Also, fuel was left in the tanks and it either seeped through or leaked at a couple of rivets on the wing where it rested trailing edge down on the trailer. An A&P tells me there is an aircraft tank sealant that should alleviate the problem. comes with a custom built trailer and tows easily. Please call Mike if interested at 618-593-6879. Re-listed again. The second "buyer" was a 20 hour student pilot. I couldn"t in good conscience sell it to him. Please feel free to call to ask about the plane but I won"t entertain any offers to buy it now. This is a no reserve auction, highest bidder gets the aircraft.
Located in Belleville, Illinois, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-30