Bede Here is a very nice BD 4B kit airplane. All of the workmanship done to date is outstanding!This.

Condition: Used Make: Bede

Here is a very nice BD-4B kit airplane. All of the workmanship done to date is outstanding!This kit has been under cover it"s entire life and is in excellent condition. You can save a ton of time and money starting with this and not from scratch. This comes with a complete set of blueprints and build plans. It also has been issued an N-number with current registration by the FAA so you won"t have to wait as long getting through the red tape when you"re ready to fly it. It has a Continental engine mount on it now but includes an additional Lycoming Dyanafocal mount for O320 or O360 so you have an wide range of options when choosing your powerplant. With a 180-200HP O360 this plane will fly 200+MPH! and will achieve 20MPG! This is equipped with two 35 gallon in wing fuel tanks! So with 70 gallons you are looking at about a 1300 mile range! There are many of these planes flying and it is a proven design tested to +-6G! There is a Maule tailwheel on it. It is equipped with a few instruments shown in the pictures. The kit is quite complete but there are a few small parts you will have to make or source beyond just the engine and propeller. The wings are not finished and you will need to buy sheet metal and rivets to finish skinning them. I can help load out the airplane but buyer is responsible for all shipping. I will also store the airplane for two weeks at no charge to allow time to get your logistics figured out.
This is an awesome project and a new kit like this cost $30K with none of the work done. I wouldn"t be surprised if there was already around 1000 hours of labor already done and the builder had very good fabrication skills. There is a similar newer version of this kit on now selling for $46K.
The elevator looks to be used but in very good condition. More pics on request. There are the parts for ailerons, elevator trim and flaps. All windows are included, are intact and clear with no checkering. The dynafocal mount is crated. Fiberglass elevator caps are included as well. There is also a large box of extra parts and materials.
Located in Sandpoint, Idaho, United States.
Current date: 2021-01-04