Notes: “ In need of overhaul restoration, very complete minus .50 cal guns & plexiglas ” 1941 Boeing.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ In need of overhaul restoration, very complete minus .50 cal guns & plexiglas ”
Model Year: 1941 Make: Boeing

Here is your chance to own an incredible, ULTRA RARE , original, and genuine piece of WWII aviation history, This is the top rotating twin .50 caliber Sperry type A1 machine gun turret from the famous WW2 B-17 flying fortress Bomber.
This type of turret (flat top) was only used on the early B-17E and B-17F models that mainly fought in the pacific against the Japanese after the attack on Pearl harbor in December 1941.
This turret came out of a bomber that was rushed to Australia after the Japanese push southward and started flying bombing missions from northern Australia against the Japanese in New guinea and New Britain, this included fighting in the battle of the coral sea. ultimately the aircraft sustained a large amount of battle damage and force landed wheels up with its hydraulics shot out and was then stripped of usable parts to keep other B-17"s flying.
The turret is in overall very solid condition, steel parts like the armor plate obviously have surface rust on them and some cast parts have minor pitting, however the turret is very complete minus the 50 caliber machine guns and the Plexiglas that sits on the dome, this turret could easily be restored to function again in a fairly short time.
I also have one side gunner gun carrier/mount and tail gun mount from the same aircraft that could be made available at extra cost, these parts are also B-17E/F specific.
There have been several dome top Martin B-17G top turrets seen over the years but these early E/F turrets are as rare as it gets. This is a truly historical artifact that participated in the second world war and probably sent a few attacking Japanese planes to their doom. This is a once in a life time opportunity that will probably never be seen again.
Shipping: The turret is located in Australia and needs to be shipped upright in a solid box due to the roller bearings it rotates on. it is also very heavy. Worldwide shipping is available @ the buyers cost.
Payment: w/t, cash on pickup is preferred, if paypal is used the buyer must cover the fees
Located in Maitland, NSW, Australia.
Current date: 2018-11-22