1953 Beech This is a re list, buyer failed to pay.In annual, yes plane is no longer on jacks, re.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1953
Make: Beech

This is a re-list, buyer failed to pay.In annual, yes plane is no longer on jacks, re-using images from prior listing.Shipping, I will deliver, fly, to a buyers airport west of the Rockies and no cost. beyond that, discussion in needed.Read all of the listing. I will not sell as a flying aircraft, beyond delivery. I will retain the airworthiness certificate and airframe logs.For Parts Only, No Damage HistoryFor any information please contact Andrew, (I.A.) who knows the airplane. 408-316-5201, andrewpcarrigan@gmail.com He will answer questions. After 28 years of ownership I wish to move on to a different hobby. Retiring next year to travel on the ground. Due to the fact that 99% of the mods have been performed by myself I wish to avoid all liability of work performed.Airplane will be sold as is. No airframe logs or AW certificate. You will receive all the STC documents, 337"s engine logs and prop logs, all maintenance manuals for appliances and mods. I can find all the oil analysis if needed.Engine compressions mid to high 60’s Hot oil pressure 20-50 Philips 28 idle 60 cruiseBonanza D35, appx. 5500 TT, E225-8 2500 TSN 450 TSOH, Beech 215 88”, 4000 hrs. 215 Pitch Change Bearing I replaced with a New, not re-built
Located in San Jose, California, United States.
Current date: 2021-01-24