1996 Canadian Home Rotors Baby Belle 1996 Canadian Home Rotors Baby Belle helicopter. 100% complete..

Condition: Used Model Year: 1996
Make: Canadian Home Rotors Baby Belle

1996 Canadian Home Rotors Baby Belle helicopter. 100% complete. The original builder passed away and I purchased it from the estate. I do not have any log books or records. The Hobbs meter shows 95 hours. I do not know when it was flow last. I have run it up but have not flown it. It comes with all the correct and current paperwork from the FAA, Airworthiness Certificate, Operating Limitations and current registration, so it will be legal to fly once it is finished. Some things included are not shown in these pictures. It has dual fuel tanks, doors, ground handling wheels, MR blade supports, complete leather interior with side panels, carpet, Lycoming O-320 160HP engine, new TR drive coupling, new clutch springs, balanced clutch shoes, Skytec light weight starter, new Odyssey battery, air filter, carb heat, cabin heater, rotating beacon, seat belts. The bubble in good condition but could use polishing, it is in two pieces and joins near the bottom as you can see in the pictures. Tubing has light surface corrosion, nothing structural, but could use repainting. One of the upper mast support tubes has been repaired but is usable.
I have removed and reinstalled some components (MR transmission, clutch, freewheeling unit, TR drive gear, MR rotor head, etc.) to inspect the condition and it appears that it has very little flight time and the 95 hours is probably correct but I have no way to verify that. The MR blades do not show any abrasion signs on the leading edges and they do not have anti-abrasion tape installed. This tells me that they have very little or zero flight time on them. It has the larger transmission gear set (2 inch) so it could be upgraded to the 180 HP engine. It does have the older style skid gear like a Commuter 2. I have not done a compression check but cranking the engine feels like the compression is good.
The MR blades are all aluminum with a solid leading edge spar and bonded skins. There is a small dent on one blade on the bottom skin from handling, it does not have any cracks so might be repairable by just filling and smoothing out. I have run up the helicopter but the main rotor shakes and I do not have the equipment to sort this out.
Here is what it needs to be completed: Tail rotor blades need to be checked for correct rigging and tracked and balanced. The main rotor hub needs to be checked for correct setup and rigging and the MR blades need to be tracked and balanced. A larger battery or another Odyssey to improve cranking, minor reassembly of removed parts and a conditional inspection. The TR blades and MR hub/blades have been removed for storage and need to be reinstalled, everything is there to do this. As far as I know you will not need to buy anything other then a bigger battery to finish this and get it flying again.
Located in Priest River, Idaho, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-24