Carlson Sparrow Ultralight Airplane Part 103. Purchased this airplane as a partially built aircraft.

Condition: Used

Carlson Sparrow Ultralight Airplane Part 103. Purchased this airplane as a partially built aircraft in 2017 and in the past year I completed the build. It pretty much looks like brand new other than the wings are slightly faded as they must have been built first in original construction. Some of the above photos show the aluminum cowling before it was painted.
It is an awesome little aircraft and a blast to fly. It flies and lands easily. Ultralight aircraft don"t require a pilot license but it is recommended that a person get some training since it flies just like a regular airplane. Total time on air frame and engine is approximately 36 hours but fly it frequently so it may change.
Rotax 277 engine purrs like a kitten. It has an electric start with a neat mini jump start battery. Here"s a list of the brand new items that were put on it in the last year: Hegar slotted disc brake kit, tires, hand held radio, headset, tachometer/hour meter, air speed indicator, windshield, cowling, Competition Aircraft Ground Adjustable Ultra- Prop, Harness system, Slip/Skid indicator and exhaust. Also just recently attached trim tabs to elevator and rudder so that it flies hands off at cruise speed of 60 mph. Holds 5 gallons fuel. Burns approximately 2.2 gallons an hour. Stall speed 26 mph. Also included Bose noise cancelling headset and Yaesu Radio.
This aircraft kit was designed by engineer Ernie Carlson. Its an amazing airplane with choromoly frame and aluminum wing spars and ribs. Built almost identical to a Piper Cub. Many consider it to be the best ultralight ever built and most people who see it can"t believe it is an ultralight. It is a true 3 axis controlled aircraft. This design was the Grand Champion winner at Oshkosh 1987. Comes with complete blueprint plans.
It is a beautiful awesome little airplane and the reason I am considering selling is so that I can get a 2 place light sport aircraft. My wife is interested in flying with me since she saw how much fun I was having. Feel free to email with any questions, additional photos, etc. I have another partially built Sparrow kit so can send photo of wings and air frame so you can see the quality. Compare to some of the ultralights being sold today for $20,000 - $30,000. Can send video of flying aircraft if requested. When you see it in person you will be very impressed. It lacks nothing and is ready to fly. Wings can be removed for transport. The airplane will also include a brand new Comelli emergency parachute system. (It is on order and will be here soon) Will demonstrate flight to buyer here at the beautiful Libby, Montana airport where the classic forest firefighting movie "Always" was filmed. Happy Bidding!
Located in Libby, Montana, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-26