1973 Cessna Here is your chance to set the price on this no reserve auction. 1973 Cessna 150L.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1973
Make: Cessna

Here is your chance to set the price on this no reserve auction.
1973 Cessna 150L
* Located in Lancaster, TX (Dallas)*
1973 Cessna 150L
* This is a rare find for a no reserve Cessna 150. You"ll have a hard time finding a cheaper way to build time or train than in a Cessna 150. This plane was damaged while parked on the ramp during a hail storm. The damage is purely cosmetic, most obvious on the broken plastic wingtips and rudder cap. These plastic pieces get brittle in the sun and are easily broken but are also cheap and easy to replace. The salvage yard where the plane is stored even has the pieces used for you to purchase if you like. The insurance company seldom fixes planes like this and prefers to pay the insured for the insured value of the aircraft (usually lower than retail value). They will then sell the plane to a dealer such as I and avoid any responsibility for repair, painting, etc. I pass the savings on to the consumer to avoid taking another flying aircraft out of service.
The later model 150"s like this feature a well laid out panel, electric flaps, swept tail and a wider cockpit than the older ones. Most of the planes you will find anywhere near this price will have a high time engine, rapidly approaching an extremely expensive engine overhaul and 6 months of down time. This one has roughly 1020 hours on the engine, meaning you should be able to fly it for a very long time before overhaul if taken care of and regularly maintained. Interior is older but useable. Wheel pants are included and have been removed. * Most 150"s do not have wheel pants installed due to student landing damage. It is hard to go wrong with a plane like this that you can fly for many years and still get your money back or possibly even make a little money. If you"re willing to do a little work to put this one back in the air, this is a great plane. Insurance is cheap and fuel burn is only 5-6 gallons per hour. * additionally, this has the STC for auto fuel so you can run 87 octane non-ethanol fuel for even greater cost savings. Annual expired in 2017.
Continental O-200
Roughly 1020 hours SMOH. Compression numbers at last annual were 77/77/79/78. Engine is dusty but will clean up nicely. I simply wiped off the data plate with my hand to take the picture of it. Picture of dipstick shows the oil is extremely clean and was recently changed before hail incident. Fuel economy is awesome with a burn of less than 6 gallons per hour. With the STC to run auto fuel already in place, you can run 87 octane auto fuel (without alcohol) if you can get it where you live. This will save you at least $1/gallon and significantly extend your flying budget. It is not uncommon to see fuel burn rates of 4 to 4.5 gph in cruise.
5425 hours since new. As mentioned above, there are some hail dings and broken plastic pieces. Paint is poor but no corrosion problems were noted. Tires are in good shape. She is equipped with dual toe brakes, electric flaps and foolproof fuel selector switch.
Interior is likely the original and still in useable condition. A complete interior (seats and door panels) can be purchased from AirTex interiors for just over $900 in the colors of your choice.
MX 300 digital nav/com flip/flop radio (nice to be able to switch between standby and active frequencies)
ADF King KT76 transponder
$500 non-refundable deposit due within 48 hours. Full payment due within 7 days. Wire transfer preferred for final payment but checks are welcome, as long as you understand that the check (cashier"s included) must clear before you take possession of plane. Plane will not be released until paid in full. Logbooks, bill of sale and aircraft registration documents will be mailed to you upon final payment.
Plane is stored in Lancaster Texas at a salvage yard. I do not live in Dallas so will not be able to meet with any buyers. Storage will be paid by me for 7 days after auction close, at which time buyer will have paid for plane and be responsible for any storage expenses. The storage yard can assist with loading the aircraft on your trailer. It has already been disassembled, making it quick and easy for you to transport. Reassembly of the 150 is really quick and easy.
Located in Lancaster, Texas, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-15