1974 : 177RG Cardinal Cessna This Cardinal has been a joy to have in the fleet, however with so many.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1974
Model: 177RG Cardinal Make: Cessna

This Cardinal has been a joy to have in the fleet, however with so many aircraft in the fleet and the slower flying months coming up, we are looking to down size. Although currently un-airworthy due to a prop strike, this aircraft makes a fun project plane, and was one of our best in the fleet. We"re sad to see it go, although looking forward to it getting taken into a new home and getting some TLC. The engine is being sold with it, and prior to this prop strike the engine only had 26 hours since its last major overhaul, the cylinders are brand new, and the engine and prop are both still installed. All of the aircraft"s logbooks and historical records will of course come with the aircraft, and have been well kept, together, and well organized. The interns at our office have been tasked with going through all historical records and organizing the current logbooks, making them easy to read and easier to navigate for N2516V"s new owner. Current logbooks are kept in a 2.5" binder with all recent maintenance, oil sample analysis (routinely done on all of our aircraft), neatly organized records of all 337"s with a directory index, 8130"s, weight and balance, etc. Compared to most chicken-scratch mechanic writing, all of our recent log book entries are typed and printed on sticker paper that is then placed neatly in the books, and has convenient aircraft data listed at the top. Our system for records makes keeping up with the aircraft maintenance and any certs a breeze! Not only did N2516V fly well for us, but the aircraft was also one of the most beautiful aircraft we have owned. The paint is in over all good condition and has a beautiful color scheme. The interior has been kept in good condition as well, and all in all, N2516V will make for a very comfortable ride. All of N2516V"s most pertinent data and records are listed below, and please feel free to contact with any questions! Thanks so much, and happy bidding!
Cessna Cardinal, 177RG S/N: 177RG0601 Manufactured 1974 AFTT: 6755.6 Tach: 6755.6 Last annual: 13 February 2018 Last 100 hour: 28 April 2017
Engine: Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D S/N: L-8861-51A ETT: 8032.0 ETSMOH: 0.0
*Prior to the gear-up landing, engine ETSMOH was at 26 hours.
Prop: McCauley B2D34C207-B/78TCA-0 S/N: 981072 PTT: 3679.7 PTSMOH: 284.2
Avionics equipment: PMA 8000 B - Audio Panel KT76A - Transponder GI 106A - Navigational aid.
Located in Pensacola, Florida, United States.
Current date: 2018-06-26