Cessna Citation: Multi Engine Cessna Citation Second in Command Type Rating This auction is for.

Make: Cessna Citation: Multi-Engine

Cessna Citation Second in Command Type Rating
This auction is for flight training in a Citation CE-500 jet.
The aircraft is not for sale.
The jet is available for flight training, or "dry lease".
Minimum requirements for buyer: At least a Private Pilot License with a Multi-Engine Rating, and an Instrument Rating.
Buyer will receive a Cessna Citation CE-500 Second in Command Type Rating, 15 hours of flight time in a jet, serving as Second in Command under Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 91. Training for Part 135 Regulations is available, but not included in this auction.
Do the math. . . .this training is the same price, or less, than renting a multi-engine airplane. . .!
The CE-500 Type Rating qualifies the pilot to operate as a crewmember on the following aircraft:
Citation 500, Citation 501, Citation Stallion, Citation II, Citation Super II, Citation SII, Citation Super SII, Citation Bravo, Citation V, Citation Ultra, Citation Encore, Citation Encore+
Training begins in the vicinity of beautiful Galveston Bay, and ends at airports all over the country. .!
It"s fun, it"s informative, and for aspiring professional pilots, it"s a must.
All of our graduates that pursued employment after training were hired, as professional pilots. Employers respect the dedication of an applicant that comes with a Jet Type Rating.
As an added bonus, pilots that need the following endorsements will receive them free of charge:
instrument proficiency check high altitude endorsement
Located in Pearland, Texas, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-24