Columbia For Sale By: Private 2004 : LC 41 550FG Accident Columbia 400 LC 41 550FG Efficiency Top.

Item specifics

Make: Columbia For Sale By: Private Seller
Model Year: 2004 Model: LC 41- 550FG
Accident Columbia 400 LC 41-550FG Efficiency Top speed: 235 kn (270 mph, 435 km / h, with 4 blade Prop 5 kn more) calibrated airspeed Cruising speed: 235 kn (270 mph, 435 km / h; with 4 blade Prop 5 kn more) true airspeed at 25,000 ft (7,600 m) Range: 1,107 nmi (1,274 mi, 2,050 km) Service ceiling: 7,600 m (25,000 ft) Rate of climb: 7.6 m / s (1,500 ft / min) - No load-bearing parts affected - the aircraft still registered - EU tax paid - Freshly Overhauled Engine (2 h, only shock loading inspection nessesary). The 4-blade propeller was also new (can be repaired). - With the 4-blade propeller, it is the fastest 4-seat propeller aircraft in the world with traffic approval (no experimental) Avionics: Avidyne Entegra FlightMax PFD w/ Flight Director Avidyne FlightMax EX5000 MFD Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel Garmin GNS-430 #1 Nav/Comm/GPS Garmin GNS-430 #2 Nav/Comm/GPS Garmin GTX-330 Transponder XM Weather CMax Electronic Charts EMax Engine Monitoring S-Tec 55X Autopilot, GPSS, and Altitude Pre-Select Equipment: Precise Flight Speed Brakes Factory Oxygen System Inflatable Door Seals Cabin Fan TKS Prop De-Ice TKS Wing De-Ice System Engine Model: Continental TSIO550C Time: 2 Hours Since Factory Overhaul TBO: 2000 Hours Prop Model: MTV-14-D Time: 2 Hours Since Overhaul Please make an appointment to view the property before placing your bid!
Current date: 2021-09-11