This Comp Air 6 (AL 6) N 61262 made an off field landing just short of the Airport after running out.

Condition: Used

This Comp Air 6 (AL-6) N-61262 made an off field landing just short of the Airport after running out of fuel. The damage received was to the main gear which caused the fuselage fiber glass damage. The main gear was replaced with a new main gear and all fiber glass was repaired by Freeflight Composites at KFLY. The engine is a TCM/Continental IO470 and had 23 hours SMOH, see photo of log entry. A three blade propeller that was installed at MOH but one blade was bent back. There is a very good two blade McCauley 2A36C23-p-EG that was removed at MOH and is included. It has the oil plug on hub. The crankshaft was dialed and has no run out . This Comp Air 6 had a TT of 421 hours at its last Condition/Annual inspection on 10-24-2010. It received its airworthiness certificate 11-07-1997. It has an KX155 and some other instruments. The wings, tail and firewall did not receive any damage. The engine,airframe,pilots operating manual and weight & balance data included. This Comp-Air 6 is about the size of an Cessna 180. It could be flying in a short amount of time if you are interested in this type of aircraft. KFLY is about 12 miles north east of CS CO. I will try to answer any questions or connect you to the owner who was flying at the time of accident. The Comp Air 6 comes complete with every thing to fly again when wings and engine are reinstalled. There was a Dynon Skyview installed but was used in an Van RV8. That is what the space in the panel was for.
Located in Peyton, Colorado, United States.
Current date: 2018-05-30