Notes: “ , Just over 400 hrs since new prop strike. ” Continental Continental Teledyne Mattituck TMX.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Used, Just over 400 hrs since new - prop strike. ”
Make: Continental

Continental Teledyne Mattituck TMX IOF-240-B Engine, 125 HP, Fuel Injected, FADEC. Just over 400 hrs since new. Logs. This engine was removed from a crashed Kitfox V that pancaked in collapsing the undercarriage and forcing the nose wheel leg up into the engine compartment damaging the exhaust and oil sump. These are not included in the sale. The engine was running at the time of the accident and there was a prop strike on the wooden Sensenich Propeller. There is minor damage to a couple of the EGT probes, one HT lead, the starter solenoid and possibly the serial bus controller and health status annunciator boxes for the FADEC. These took a bit of a knock but I don’t know whether they are now working or not. The engine can be converted back to IO-240 status by removal of the FADEC management system if desired. The Crank and Prop Flange were dialled and the max run out was only 0.002. There were some spots of minor surface corrosion on the upper surface of the crank case that were removed with a scotch brite pad but it has marred the paint in a few spots. Included is the FADEC wiring loom, which will need reworking, the Electronic Control Units, the Control Panel Annunciator and the Vision Micro Systems VM1000C MFD. I also have all of the installation and maintenance manuals for the engine and FADEC system and a Saber Prop extension. I have a spare 0 SMOH 74 x 54 Sensenich prop available, not included with this sale. These engines sell for 50K new so if you are building a Kitfox or similar experimental get yourself a bargain! Listed elsewhere so I reserve the right to end the early. I will assist with shipping at Buyers expense.
Located in Mesa, Arizona, United States.
Current date: 2019-03-12