New This is an unfinished Cozy airplane that I bought from a man who was presented a completed.

Condition: New

This is an unfinished Cozy airplane that I bought from a man who was presented a completed airplane while this was under construction and he took it. This was constructed very professionally and with the guidance of EAA member support and, of course, any and all PCB"s (production change bulletins) from Cozy. I have one hundred percent confidence in the integrity of the project and would love to finish and fly it. However, I had serious cardio vascular surgery and the doctor made it clear that my flying days are over.
Included in the base price of $7,500 is a Cozy IV with almost all the glass work done. Canard (Rontz with 2 VOR antennas installed), The work was all done with EAA club support. Fuselage, Hardware such as torque tubes, landing gear hardware, brackets, etc. .b asically the entire aircraft structure is done with little additional hardware to purchase. The strakes need to be built and few other small glass projects but the "biggies" are done.
Needed to complete, winglets, engine, canopy, engine mounting, avionics. interior. .
My assessment is that it would require about ten thousand total to complete and result in a fifty thousand dollar airplane. . just add "sweat equity" which is a labor of love for people like me.
Included is a collection of hardware that was purchased for this airplane. Nuts & bolts, mounting hardware, cotton flox, micro balloons, foam, and so forth. All the epoxy was discarded as it has exceeded is shelf life. Brakes are new Parker calipers and discs. Nose gear is electric operated.
I have had many questions about the build quality of this airplane. I understand the concerns. However, I bought the plane for $8000.00 plus another $1500.00 to have it shipped to me and it was a bargain then. There is nothing wrong with this airplane! I would have absolutely no concerns about the build quality, materials used, or anything else. Looking at the plans with all the highlighted areas signifying what was done and all the associated notes shows clearly where the projects stands now. I had complete confidence that I would finish it and fly it and the one and only reason I will not do it is because I can no longer maintain my medical. In the 1980"s I built a LongEze and this is as good of a project as any VariEze or LongEze I witnessed during the construction of similar airplanes during that time. I am not selling it because of any fear of flying it but rather because I can no longer fly ANY airplane again.
Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.
Current date: 2019-02-09