1944 Curtiss Wright This is a Curtiss Wright Twin Cyclone R2600 20, 2600 cubic inches 1900HP. This.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1944
Make: Curtiss Wright

This is a Curtiss Wright Twin Cyclone R2600-20, 2600 cubic inches 1900HP. This engine was used in several WWII aircraft, this one was in a Grumman Avenger. The aircraft suffered a power loss in 1999 and did a forced landing in a wooded area. The engine was not seriously damaged and the cause seemed to be fuel related. After 12 years in storage I acquired the engine to make into this ground running display. The engine was taken apart down to the case, cleaned inspected and put back together, a few NOS bits used as needed. Propeller is a Hamilton Standard, blades are actually from a DC3 and shortened to a diameter of 82". Engine has all standard carb, magnetos, starter, fuel and oil pumps as would have been on the Avenger, exhaust and engine mount are also standard from the airplane. The custom built trailer is engineer designed and professionally built, axels are rubber bumper type 3500lbs each with brakes on one axel. Fuel and oil tanks are custom made TIG welded aluminum, 10 gal fuel and 20 gallons oil, the fuel is enough for 20 minutes of running. Two large 12V truck batteries in series for 24V will give many starts prior to recharging. This is a piece of history that I"ve taken to several aircraft and vehicle events over the last 4 years, it never ceases to amaze the crowd. The power of this running leaves them in awe of the technology from 1938, this engine I think was made around 44. People thank me again and again for saving it and showing it. If you want to see a crowd gather at a car show or fly in fire this up. I"ve found several runs at a show of 3 - 5 minutes works best with RPMs from idle to 2200, higher RPM can be done but are definitely not necessary. The engine runs great, it had about 218hrs since overhaul on it prior to the crash and just runs as it should. Start always makes some smoke and a bit of oil but it clears up and smoothes out with a normal mag check/drop at 1800RPM. I might get asked if it"s airworthy, not without an overhaul. A few extra spares, cylinders, pumps and some gaskets with it. https:/ here Please contact me to discuss delivery/shipping/pickup and payment options. Paypal will be accepted for a down payment only with the remainder by bank transfer.
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