2016 Allencraft This is a gyro that I have been building for several years and no longer have the.

Condition: Used Model Year: 2016
Make: Allencraft

This is a gyro that I have been building for several years and no longer have the health to finish it.It has drum brakes that will need to be changed to Disc to be able to turn in short distances.It is a side by side configaration and to solo it you would us the outside pedals of the dual pedal setup and some adjustable pedal extensions would need to be added[I have short legs,if You are long legged this may not need to be done]An engine primmer should be added.It has 600x6 tires that make the front high on the ground,it would be helpful if these were changed to a smaller profile tire,it has not flown,time has caught up with me and I will be unable to make these changes. I have done the weight and balance .The approx. weight 650 pounds. Now the good part.This gyro has 28 ft.rotor blades by Rotor Dynamics the builders of the Dominator Gyro,the cost of these blades and hub was in the $3000.00 range,it also has a dual bearing rotor head with an electric prerotator with a combined cost of 1200.00 ,The Subaru EA81 engine has a E type Rotax gearbox with a 2.62 to 1 ratio with electric start with a current price of$ 2148.00 dollars for the gearbox.The engines performs well.It also has a 60 inch, three blade, Warp Drive prop with a hpl hub and a nose cone .These are in excess of $1000.00 dollars .There are many instruments including Airspeed, water temp volt meter,compass, Altimeter,ect. This aircraft has not had any of the paperwork done with the FAA other than having a N- number reserved which doesn"t have to go with the plane ,so who finishes it up can go on it as the builder.I will give a Bill of Sale for the parts .I have built or rebuilt several aircraft in the past and I do hold an A&P license I have had for several years.I also have been schooled and worked as a Machinist for many years.I am starting this sale only for the Approximate cost of the main parts that I mentioned above and it hurts to think of how much labor and money I am losing but that is life,You don"t even have to finish this gyro,all the parts above can be used on another project. THIS GYRO WILL SELL> I WILL BE LOWERING THE PRICE UNTIL IT DOES> PLEASE NO LOW BALL OFFERS. $500.00 Paypal day of sale with the rest in cash or bank draft that must clear before the gyro leaves.I will help load the gyro .Thanks for looking Note This Gyro is at the Mayfield Kentucky Airport M 25 on the charts.if anyone wants to see it.Call there for appointment.
Located in Mayfield, Kentucky, United States.
Current date: 2018-06-19