Non Working Experimental Helicopter with Trailer. This Helicopter was used for advertising purposes.

Condition: Used

Non-Working Experimental Helicopter with Trailer. This Helicopter was used for advertising purposes and comes fully mounted onto trailer. As stated before the Helicopter was used for Advertising purposes and was very effective. I have been asked about the front glass and it is just dirty and needs a good power washing. The cockpit has all equipment as far as I know but I do not know if the equipment works or not. The engine was removed and was never there when we purchased it 8 years ago. I tried to provide the best photos as possible of the fuselage and cockpit. Most likely the rotors would need to be replaced if you are considering this purchase to rebuild the Helicopter. I do not know any details on what it would take to make this Helicopter fully functional again as once again we originally purchased to be used for advertising purposes only.
This auction and Buy it Now includes the trailer which is worth $2,000 alone. If you are interested in just the Helicopter and not the trailer please specify and if we agree on a price then you will need to provide your own means of transportation for the Helicopter to be picked up as we intend to auction the trailer separately. So if you are interested in the Helicopter by itself then the Buy it Now price is $6,000 OBO. We are not interested in just selling the trailer separately until the Helicopter is first sold separately. The Helicopter is available to be viewed in person at any time. You will need to message me to set up a time and I can meet you to let you in for viewing. For those considering this helicopter for rebuild then it will be assumed that you have the technical knowledge or have someone with technical knowledge as unfortunately we do not have anyone on staff that can assist with any technical questions; because we did not purchase the helicopter for operational purposes but for advertising purposes only.
* * Please note that if we are offered a price that we agree upon then the auction will be ended and the listing removed upon successful transaction.* *
Located in Greenville, South Carolina, United States.
Current date: 2019-05-29