1989 Aircraft relisted to the correct category For sale is a 1989 amature built RX 550 aircraft..

Condition: Used Model Year: 1989

Aircraft relisted to the correct category
For sale is a 1989 amature-built RX 550 aircraft. Although not techincally an ultralight because it exceeds the weight restriction, I believe some people refer to these experimentals as ultralight trainers. Time of the airframe and engine is unknown.
When I bought the airplane, it came in several pieces. I dusted it off and reassembled it using new AN hardware when I could. As it is right now, the flight controls are all operable and the engine runs. Depending on your level of standards, it will need a little work to get it back in the air.
The condition of the sail material is not great, but still seems strong. It’s faded on top, and there a few holes and cuts here and there. A few of the pictures show the damage. More pictures are available. The center flap that coveres the wing mounting area has a Velcro section that is peeling off which should be repaired.
The Rotax 503 engine starts easily and runs well at idle. It does not run well at full throttle. I suspect it may be a timing issue but I will let the next owner diagnose the problem. There is good compression turning the propeller through a rotation. It has a single Bing 54 carburetor.
The propeller has damage from (I believe) an unsaftied air filter.
The airspeed indicator doesn’t work. There is some surface corrosion on some of the steel hardware through out the airplane.
I’ve installed a few new parts. - fuel lines and primer bulb - rebuilt fuel pump with new rebuild kit - spark plugs - air filter - new AN hardware used for wing mounting
Comes with the old windshield. Also comes with three books with supporting information. Doesn’t come with any log books. The registration has expired so the new owner will have to apply for a new registration.
I am not very familiar with this type of aircraft, so I can’t offer much for information regarding specifications. However if there is any other way I can help you make an informed decision, please contact me. I also have more pictures and videos available.
Best of luck
Located in South Boston, Virginia, United States.
Current date: 2018-08-15