Compare Dos Equis to that $40,000, 71 yo PA12 w o flaps or those 200 and 300K new cubs. Side x side.

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Compare "Dos Equis" to that $40,000, 71 yo PA12 w/o flaps or those 200 and 300K new cubs. Side x side 172 seats on rails. 1000+ useful, plus there is actually room to try to get that much in. 0-320, 1050 SMOH, 320 SChromeTop.100 TT Acft. It was not built as a show plane and it isn"t now. Supposed to be a work truck. There are some mods that could be made to maximize performance. When you buy it becomes your "experiment" you can modify it as you see fit, no Supplemental Type Certificate BS. Pictures show: Inst. Panel, Val radio should work but haven"t tried it in years. Running in June.Vortex generators. Me, a small guy, in tail baggage area. Room for bunny boots on both sides of the battery box. THIS IS NOT THE CASE ON A PA-14 OR WAG 2+2. Horizontals larger than Super Cub, with 8 wires. Extended flaps with three hinges. Gross weight 2200. Removeable sling seat in back. O-320 narrow deck originally had constant speed prop. Has front inertia reals. Recent new tires, ELT battery, Bracket air filter element. After vg"s were installed, indicated power off stall clean was 40mph with no break, nose dropped just enough to start flying, porpoised down like a C170. From memory, before VG"s, power off stall dirty was 35mph. Cruise is very dependent on prop. I think even with wider fuselage cruise performance is indistinguishable from my Wag-Aero 2+2. With this 56 pitch prop 110 to115 mph at 2400 or so rpm. Landing is just like a Cub, but if you need maximum short field take off it needs the gear extended at least a foot, maybe then tundra tires too. Probably takes off faster than a C172 with this prop, but a higher angle of attack would make all the difference. Kind of Storch ersize it. That would cost next to nothing but I couldn"t do it because of my hanger height.
At the reserve price you also get the two modified 18 gal tanks that were IN it ORIGINALLY to give it a 72 gal capacity. Originally it was supposed to be able to fly out 4-500 miles and back without refueling. Now back to 36 gal. At asking price you also get my favorite prop, a Warnke "Almost Constant Speed " wood prop.
You haven"t gotten the ugly pictures. Not in "annual". Oil pressure so good the gauge pulses when hand propping.
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Current date: 2018-07-22