We did not know what this airplane was either. We were lucky in that a guy with an encyclopedic.

We did not know what this airplane was either. We were lucky in that a guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things aviation paid us a visit at Carroll County-Tolson Airport KTSO. The guy"s name is GraveDigger. He got that moniker from serving on the burial detail of a magnificent German Shepherd named Nashville. GraveDigger worked the pickaxe.
We barely opened our tool boxes before GraveDigger had a brace of fifty caliber waist guns installed, scrounged from a Flying Fort. GraveDigger not only possessed a vast knowledge of airplanes it seemed he could secure any aircraft hardware in short order. TSO is not all that far from Wright-Patterson AFB. We suspected that is where the armaments were being liberated from.
In one of the photos GraveDigger is pictured free firing the GAU-8 thirty mm Avenger Rotary Cannon that he installed during our coffee break. Fifty Cal. Waist Guns and GAU-8 Avenger NOT INCLUDED in this auction, they remain the property of GraveDigger. The Force may want them back...
However a full six pac of instruments and engine gauges are included. Throttle quadrant, control yokes, rudder pedals, trim wheels, switches, and circuit breakers are also included. Pilot and Co-pilot seats are included but not pictured.
The interior pictured is only tacked in with a few screws but will be fully installed. we still have a few more parts to pull. The aircraft will then be pressure washed inside and out. Metal floor and interior will then be installed. a nice berber carpet will be aft of the wing spar. Cockpit floor will be metal.
Airplane has windshield, door, and pilot glass. Back windows are open to facilitate waist gun install. The pilot glass is also an emergency exit. This will be needed at crashes. The window frame will be hinged. You could rig up a rope and pull system to open exit.
Wiring and plumbing will be removed from ceiling, which will be left open with spars, stringers, and whatnot exposed. It too will be pressure washed.
George Jetson antenna on top will be left on aircraft.
Plywood plugs will be fabricated for the outboard sections of the wings. A plug will be installed in the aft fuselage with a semi-circle window cut in the plywood. The plugs will be primed. I recommend painting them with the almost empty can of your house trim paint in your garage. The ship will bend right into your yard then and the Misses won"t even notice it.
If your aspiring aviators are little ones just set the aeroplane on some landscape timbers. When they get older hang it in the trees with steel cable or nylon straps for the ultimate tree house. A flight simulator computer could be set-up in the airplane.
What supply chain back log. This fort was 100% MADE in the USA. Some assembly required. We can deliver and/or set-up to your location for a reasonable fee in time for Christmas. The Fighter/Bomber Sixty Nine will make an excellent aviation training aid to help teach your child to be a good safe pilot.
Flight Schools we can custom fabricate any model you may need. Could be cut aft of seats and forward of firewall for a more compact set-up. Could build quality caster base to stow away when not in use. Use it for cockpit familiarization, cockpit instruction without tying up an aircraft.
Looking for Ten Grand for this Fort. Lose the wings and 2,500 comes off the price. Remove other parts and the price comes down more.
Airplane is 16 feet long with a 15 feet wingspan. Would be great hung from trees.
Call me at or 630-464-0257 for options and delivery fees.
Current date: 2021-11-23