New OK! buyer one was a fraud. Buyer two blamed his bid on his child so it s Time to try again. I.

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OK! buyer one was a fraud. Buyer two blamed his bid on his child so it"s Time to try again.
I was asked by one bidder if I would just sell the hardware. I will not break up the kit unless the high bidder only wants some of the parts. The other question is shipping. The cost of a crate to ship this kit will cost $100.00 to build. It will require special handling because of its size. My new year’s resolution is to post more of my weird stuff (excuse me priceless antiques) on E-bay. Fisher Aircraft FP 101 kit. This is a single wing cub style taildragger. My father wanted to build one of these Fischer kits. He learned that if he purchased 3 kits, he could become a dealer. He purchased the 3 kits and assembled one, sold one and the other kit was forgotten about after he passed away in 2006. When I got access to the building after many years, this kit was on my search list. https:/ The Kit appears to be complete with the exception of the fuel tank and the fabric. The kit contains hundreds of pieces of pre-cut wood parts and is still wrapped in the plastic as it was in the late 90’s when it arrived. The metal items like the bulkhead and control tubes are there. The seat landing gear wheels and tail wheel is with the kit. A large bag of hardware is with the kit. Some or all of the plans are included. THE ENGINE AND PROP WAS A SEPARATE KIT purchased separately and something I do not have and NOT INCLUDED. I don’t plan on shipping this kit. I would rather have the buyer inspect and pay for the kit at time of pickup, so there are no misunderstandings. This would be a cool project even if you don’t intend to fly it. Please ask any questions before bidding. I delay pick-up for your convenience.
Located in Easton, Pennsylvania, United States.
Current date: 2018-07-25