New 1997 GlaStar Kit Partially AssembledA Stoddard Hamilton sport plane kit that is partially.

Condition: New Model Year: 1997

GlaStar Kit - Partially Assembled
A Stoddard-Hamilton sport plane kit that is partially assembled. Photos show current stage of assembly.
Work already done:
Wings built and hung on their jigs.
Pitot tube installed.
Cabin air vent installed.
Wings partially covered and waiting for fuel tanks.
Some electrical components installed.
(Fuselage halves were joined at the factory.) Included: Two large notebook-size instruction manuals with current updates; records and photos of work done so far.
Asking price $21,500
Location: Silver City, New Mexico
The following information from GlaStar:
"Year after year the GlaStar has receive top honors at Oshkosh, Sun-N-Fun, and other fly-ins. The GlaStar has exceptional safety, ingenious folding wings, and the best assembly manuals in the industry. Designed for the first time builder, it features durable, modern construction, and aerospace-grade materials throughout."
Fuselage length 22 ft, 4 in
Wing span 35 ft
Cabin width at hip 44 in
Useful load – typical 710-760 lbs.
Top speed – 160 hp 167 mph
Stall speed – full flaps 49 mph
Range 1,008 miles
Included Options
"Jump-Start" Fuselage
"Jumpstart-Option" Wing
Electric Trim
Tricycle option
Heated Pitot Tube
Tail Kit
Electric Elevator Trim Kit
Option Fuel Tanks
Nav/Strobe Light Installation Kit
Cabin Heat Valve
Wing Jig Brackets
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Cabin air vent
Located in Silver City, New Mexico, United States.
Current date: 2019-05-14