1972 Grumman Here is your chance to set the price on this no reserve auction. 1972 Grumman AA1A NEW.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1972
Make: Grumman

Here is your chance to set the price on this no reserve auction.
1972 Grumman AA1A
* NEW ARRIVAL to 7M5 airport - Ozark, AR *
Less than 20 hours since G&N engine overhaul *hours will change slightly as I continue to fly it*
1972 Grumman AA1A Yankee
* This is a rare find. Most of the planes you will find anywhere near this price will have a high time engine, rapidly approaching an extremely expensive engine overhaul and 6 months of down time. This one has a fresh annual with less than 20 hours on it and flies great. I have flown it twice this week. Cosmetically, it has some hail dings, some older interior but nothing that prevents if from still looking great at this price. IThere are some missing logbooks, reportedly from a mechanic who got into a disagreement with the previous owner. New logs for the airframe were established and the engine was replaced, for which the logbooks are present for. It is hard to go wrong with a plane like this that you can fly for many years and still get your money back with a low time engine. If you"re handy and want something to tinker with while still flying and enjoying it, this is a great plane. Insurance is cheap and fuel burn is only 5-6 gallons per hour. * additionally, this has the STC for auto fuel so you can run 87 octane non-ethanol fuel for even greater cost savings. Being able to open the canopy during both flight and taxi is not only cool looking but also a wonderful thing in the summer months. It is impossible to fly a Grumman without a smile from ear to ear.
This is as close as you can get to an RV6A at a FRACTION of the price. In many ways, the Grumman is a better plane with more baggage space, easy access and outstanding visibility.
Lycoming O-235
ONLY 18.8 hours Since Major Overhaul by G&N Aircraft Engines. Overhauled in 2013, installed 2017.
Engine runs flawlessly with no oil leaks, great compression and oil pressure. Fuel economy is awesome with a burn of less than 6 gallons per hour. With the STC to run auto fuel already in place, you can run 87 octane auto fuel (without alcohol) if you can get it where you live. This will save you at least $1/gallon and significantly extend your flying budget. It is not uncommon to see fuel burn rates of 4 to 4.5 gph in cruise. The battery is new and annual has just been completed this past week.
6918 hours since new. There are some hail dings and general wear and tear but it flies great and doesn"t look bad either. A LOT of work was done at this annual to include new nose tire, new main tires, new brakes, new sealed battery, new elt battery, new air filter, and much more. She is equipped with dual toe brakes, electric flaps, easy to switch fuel tanks, sliding canopy *that can be flown with the canopy open*
Interior is original and still in useable condition. A complete interior (seats and door panels) can be purchased from AirTex interiors for just over $900 in the colors of your choice.
*Narco MX12 Nav/Com flip/flop digital radio
*Narco AT150 transponder
* Radio is "moody" but seemed to work fine with one of my headsets when I installed a portable push to talk switch instead of using the ones that were previously installed. I will include the portable switch. If I were keeping the plane, I would eliminate the installed portable style switches and use micro-switches on the yokes. These are only a few dollars a piece and much more dependable. The radio itself works fine and was tested in another plane so it"s the wiring, switches and plug jacks that would need attention.
The Grumman Yankee is one of the hidden jewels of aviation and one of the best flying planes on the market. Often referred to as the "fighter plane of General Aviation", they are nimble, responsive and just plain fun to fly with great speeds and fuel economy. The sliding canopy is a really neat feature that allows you to taxi in relative comfort on a hot day and can be opened in flight up to 130 mph. The Yankee will put a smile on any pilot"s face.
Delivery possible based on location - ask first if you need delivery
$1500 semi-refundable deposit due within 48 hours. If you come to look at the plane and find it to be vastly different from what was represented, I will refund your deposit. Full payment due within 7 days. Wire transfer preferred for final payment but checks are welcome, as long as you understand that the check (cashier"s included) must clear before you take possession of plane. Plane will not move until paid in full.
I will be out of town with uncertain cell phone access until 6/8. If you send a message before that, don"t get alarmed if I don"t respond for a few days.
Located in Ozark, Arkansas, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-06