Notes: “Airframe, engine (Subaru Legacy, 2.2 L 135 hp), avionics, all in EXCELLENT condition, low.

Condition: Seller notes:
“Airframe, engine (Subaru Legacy, 2.2 L 135 hp), avionics, all in EXCELLENT condition, low time (235 hours total engine and airframe), absolutely beautiful and clean aircraft.”
Model Year: 2001 New price is best I can do.: Building this cost 55000 for parts alone
Make: KIS TR-1

Engine (Subaru Legacy 2.2 L, 135 hp, fuel injected (easy to work on, maintain), air-frame all in EXCELLENT condition (looks like new, pristine. Low time engine/airframe - 237 hours total). Standard instruments, i.e., 2 fuel gauges, one for each wing tank, oil pressure, coolant temp, ammeter. FLIGHT: gyro horizon, gyro heading, mag compass, electric turn and bank, altimeter, airspeed indicator, vertical speed indicator, electric elevator trim. AVIONICS: Garmin GNC 250 nav/com, intercom for pilot/passenger. Finished interior with Temperfoam cushions/seat backs. Note: will accommodate pilot with height no more than 6 ft and/or weight no more than 200 lbs. Excellent cross-country airplane (fuel cap. 34 gals). Empty weight: 1046 lbs; gross weight: 1550. Captain Terry Lutz, experimental test pilot and former test pilot for Airbus and builder of an RV-8 said: "I observed the construction of this airplane from the first time it was in a hangar and on the landing gear. A lot of work went into the cockpit layout and design and it shows when sitting in the left seat. The engine installation is very well done, and to a very high aviation standard. Fit and finish of the airframe is also excellent, and well above average. Its an airplane that can immediately be flown and enjoyed. Carl Franz, EAA Technical Counselor (and also known as the "nitpicker") assisted Terry and myself for the annual condition inspection, October, 2015. When the annual was completed, I asked Carl for his opinion of this aircraft. His response was "I"m impressed."
Located in Mason, Michigan, United States.
Current date: 2018-05-21