Notes: “ Excellent condition, well maintained, low time engine & airframe (235.6 hours), upholstered.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Excellent condition, well maintained, low time engine & airframe (235.6 hours), upholstered interior (temperfoam seat cushions & back, ”
Model Year: 2001 Make: KIS -TR-1

This aircraft is in excellent condition with low time engine and airframe (235.6 hours). The engine is a Subaru Legacy, 2.2 L, fuel injected. It is high performance with an average cruise speed of ~170 mph. Will accept pilot up to height of 6 feet and up to 200 lbs. I have a complete chart of weight and balance to assist pilot in determination of these factors for safe operation. Must be flown to appreciate as photos only provide limited understanding of true value. I am 89 years of age and can legally fly with licensed pilot sitting next to me as FAA has limited me. I will provide assistance in proper flight experience for new owner. (I am the builder/test pilot for this aircraft). Once an offer has been accepted, the price will be final. Some have questions regarding the PSRU. This unit has a reduction ratio of 1.8:1 which is excellent. As for the possibility of damage to the unit, two main reasons could affect its integrity: an all metal prop of from 25 to 50 lbs (this aircraft has a Prince Prop weighing only 9 lbs) which greatly preserves and prevents such damage. The other factor is a too low idling rpm which could likely cause backlash. The cu;re has been already completed, i.e., the idle speed has been adjusted to approx. 900 + rpm to prevent backlash and the idle is smooth with a very light prop. NO problem whatsoever has been detected. The "limp home mode" feature has also been resolved and can never happen. In short, all significant problems have been resolved and the new owner can expect an enjoyable and secure experience. i know as i am the builder and test pilot for this beautiful aircraft. GWM
Located in Jackson, Michigan, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-16