Notes: “Condition is good. The aircraft just received its annual condition inspection, so its.

Condition: Seller notes:
“Condition is good. The aircraft just received its annual condition inspection, so its condition and airworthiness reflect this. It shows under 200 hours total time on frame and engine. The engine was fully serviced at that time of the annual inspection. It comes with an emergency ballistic chute. The age of the chute suggests it needs a repack. The aircraft has new tires, wheels, disk brakes, altimeter, primer, radio, com system, fuel pump, and storage packs.TRAILER - The aircraft comes with a purpose built trailer. The trailer is older than the aircraft but tows very well. It has received a fresh coat of paint on the exposed areas and has four brand new tires. It has a new winch, with battery, and a small solar panel to ensure it's constantly charged. All lights are working.”
Model Year: 1991 Make: Kolb Twinstar MK II

1991 KOLB TWINSTAR MARK II - A great opportunity to own your own aircraft, simple fun, and affordable flying.
This aircraft is ready to go. Powered by a Rotax 503, single carb, single ignition for uncomplicated operation. Has folding wings and comes w. trailer to stow away, pick up and take anywhere. The trailer enables you to keep the aircraft out of the weather and save on airport hanger fees. This is fun flying at its very best, with epic views from the cockpit, simple operation and instrumentation.
Has ballistic chute (needs repack) which lowers the entire aircraft and its passenger in the event of an emergency.
Has brand new wheels, tires and disc breaks. It is easy to start. Is in good condition for its age. Selling with intercom & iCom radio. This aircraft is ready to fly. It has always been hangered or stowed in a trailer. The wings fold for easy, quick, stowaway. Hour meter suggests less than 200 Total Time. Visit my web link for much more information at https:/
The aircraft benefits from side-by-side seating with dual controls. It is FAA registered N8675D.
The trailer has a title and it provides an easy light tow.
The aircraft as a recent annual condition inspection - May, 28th, 2018. 100% FAA registered and compliant.
Happy to answer any and all questions. However, I highly recommend you Google research this aircraft so that you are fully aware of its size, performance capabilities, and flight characteristics as the sale is final. The recent condition inspection suggests it is fit for flying and I have very much enjoyed flying it myself, but, as is normal, I recommend you arrange your own inspection, by a qualified mechanic, before flying it yourself.
The aircraft is currently kept in a hanger. Upon purchase, we would place it in its trailer for you to tow home. The aircraft and trailer are sold as is.
Located in Ingleside, Texas, United States.
Current date: 2018-07-18