Notes: “ Long EZ, which has flown and was converted to an unmanned aerial vehicle. ” Unsure Long EZ.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Used Long EZ, which has flown and was converted to an unmanned aerial vehicle. ”
Model Year: Unsure Make: Long EZ S/N 1546
Antiquinox barberd6rfe ( 458
For sale, we have a Long EZ Project. I bought this in 2009 with plans to restore it to airworthy status. However a lot of other projects and a bunch of birthdays says it’s time to pass it on.
The plane had been a flying Long EZ that was then sold to a Virginia company who had plans to convert it to a UAV. I’m not sure how that worked out, but I finally ended up with it.
It is complete in some respects, but there is a lot of work to do. The canopy was modified and the pilots seat is the only seat with clear canopy. The read seat was covered by a solid fiberglass canopy, so a new canopy would be required, bless it was completed as a one seat plane.
All controls are present and I would assume workable.
There is no engine, but there is an engine mount for a Lycoming engine, there is also a set of exhaust manifolds and cooling baffling as well.
The plane is currently deregistered and will be sold with a good title and registered as N4SY.
There are many parts, some instruments.
There is a partial set of wheel pants, with one half of one missing.
The wings are in slings, which can be screwed to a trailer for transportation. Pickup will be in 30 days.
There is also CD’S contains photographs of the original plans.
The plane is sold as is/where is, with no guarantees for suitability either explicit or implied. A deposit of $250.00 will be due two days after commitment to purchase with remainder due in 7 days by cashier check.
Thanks for looking!
Located in Nags Head, North Carolina, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-23