Notes: “ Like new condition with less than 200 hours on her ” 2012 Renegade Falcon LS Vs. 2.0 This.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Like new condition with less than 200 hours on her ”
Model Year: 2012 Make: Renegade Falcon LS Vs. 2.0

This is the Renegade Falcon Lycoming powered, fuel Injected, Electronic Ignition SLSA Light Sport Aircraft. This is one of the Sexiest LSA on the market and years ahead of its time.
All Dynon D1000 skyview panel with Built in GPS, ADSB capable, Auto pilot, Mode S Prince prop, Fuel injected, Electronic ignition with Slick Mag Backup.
Heavy duty Part 141 aluminum landing gear. Built for the riggers of University part 141 training. 124 HP Lycoming 2400 TBO engine with Vetterman cross tube SS exhaust. Loaded, Tinted canopy extra large vent windows in canopy. only 150 hours TT European Demo model. This aircraft has flown over the Swiss Alps.
This aircraft climbs out with amazing agility and instant response to the throttle. Electric Flaps, LED Nav Lights Wing tip stall extenders, 38 MPH stall speed, 14 t0 1 glide ratio, quick connect wings and elevator for faster assembly and disassembly for shipping. . Carbon Fiber Kevlar construction. Everything one would want in a Light Sport aircraft. 120 Knots limit at cruise. Our client paid 179,00 for the aircraft and had to wait two years to get it. Arguably the best LSA cruiser on the market.
This is not a place order advertisement. this plane just had an annual this month and is ready to fly home today. . This aircraft has NO ISSUES and will bring decades of flying fun, experience ad pleasure to its new owner.
Manufacture still support these aircraft and it was so far ahead of its time it still has the most up to date panel and equipment avilble today in it. . Stop in or email us for more information and get your test flight today. We built this plane as a GA plane and made it meet the light sport criteria. We didn"t believe that one should sacrifice performance just because they wanted to fly in the light sport category.
Thus we created this high performance Lycoming powered SLSA aircraft. Performance , looks and response,stability what else would one want from an airplane from any category.
Located in DeLand, Florida, United States.
Current date: 2019-04-04