Notes: “ Legal single seat ultralight ” 1990 Maxair drifter Single seat true ultralight aircraft.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Legal single seat ultralight ”
Model Year: 1990 Make: Maxair drifter

Single seat true ultralight aircraft Drifter DR 277
Empty wt. lbs: 252
Max wt. lbs: 500
Wing span: 30 ft
Wing area sq.ft.: 152
Height: 8’4”.
Length: 19’
Fuel cap: 5 USG.
Construction: Aluminium, Dacron.
Wing loading lbs/sq.ft: 2.9
Power loading lbs/hp: 17.86
Engine: Rotax 277 (268cc) 28 hp.
Drive: 2.25-1.
Prop: 56 in.
Static thrust: 230 lbs.
Max speed mph: 63
Cruise mph: 50
Stall mph: 26
Vne mph: 75
Climb rate: 600 fpm @ 40 mph.
Design limits: +6, -3.3g.
Glide ratio: 8.2-1.
Seats: 1. It has been stored inside .It will clean up pretty nice .The gauges include an altimeter ,airspeed,exhaust temp ,CHT ,tach and compass . The total frame and engine time are 244 hours .The wing fabric is in very good shape ,the tail has a few hangar rash places .If you have always dreamed of flying here is your chance to do it as affordable as you will ever get .The main pic shows it together .As of now the wings are off as pictured and ready for shipping .A 16ft rental truck will do the job and best to use an enclosed trailer but I have shipped on an open trailer it just takes longer to get it tied down .I can store it in my hangar as long as you need however it must be paid for in full within 7 days of purchase .I will accept cash in person ,paypal if buyer absorbs all Paypal fees ,bank wire transfer or a check from a major bank that clears first .
Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.
Current date: 2019-04-09