New Team Mini MAX I have for sale a Mini MAX Eros experimental aircraft kit. This is the kit to.

Condition: New Make: Team Mini-MAX

I have for sale a Mini-MAX Eros experimental aircraft kit. This is the kit to build the airplane and does not include an engine or instruments. It is a single place airplane. Only the pilot can be on board. You can visit the website for the kit manufacturer https:/ here This kit has a few steps completed. The empennage components, wing ribs, wing spars and fuselage sides are assembled. Builders log book has all steps recorded. Included are extra plans for fuselage to accept a 4 stroke engine. So, builders choice between using a 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine. Also has the inverted V landing gear option that gives more ground clearance and makes the landing gear look so much better. I can be reached at 217 257 7562 if you have any questions. Very cool airplane kit to build the very well proven Mini-MAX airplane. Currently, the kit sells for $6,995.00 at Team Mini-MAX. I am asking $4200.00. Price is negotiable.
Located in Payson, Illinois, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-28