1988 Nostalgair N3 Clip wing Super Pup. located at:Tanner Hiller Airport, 298 Mcevoy Rd, New.

Condition: Used

1988 Nostalgair N3 Clip wing Super Pup. located at:
Tanner-Hiller Airport, 298 Mcevoy Rd, New Braintree Ma
The engine presently in the airplane according to the engine log book, is a Rotax 447, Serial Number 3767583. The engine log says the motor has 90 hours and the manufacturers recommended overhaul is 300 hours. The Aircraft Log shows 130 hours on the airframe.
Metal Tag in the cockpit reads:
Nostalgair N3-Pup,
Serial Number: N86647-65 Date of Manufacture: 08-28-88. Weight MT 316 lbs Gross Weight 582 Engine: Global 35 HP
Metal Tag under the port side horizontal stabilizer reads:
Make: Nostalgair Model: N3 Pup Serial Number: 007 N Number N7028N
I do not know why there is a difference between the tags.
This airplane has been stored in an enclosed hanger for about three years. I have never worked on this plane in anyway other than wiping dust off of it with a dust cloth, and I have never tried to start it.
The person who parked the plane in the hanger taxied it from the east end of the runway to the hanger. The engine ran when the plane was put into storage. To me it looks exactly the same as it did when it was put away.
The engine is not original. The engine pull cord"s recoil spring, I am told, is broken. The last person to start the engine hand started it by swinging the propeller.
The Propeller is brand new and has to be re-torqued at some point as per manufacturer"s instructions.
The starboard side aileron has a small patch in the fabric, about 3" by 3" I think. It looked professionally done to me.
The fabric on the leading edge, also starboard side, seems bumpy right in front of the wing tank. (See photo) .
The airplane is equipped with disk brakes and a steerable tail wheel.
The fuel tanks are fiberglass. There are two wing tanks and a fuel fuel tank on the nose right behind the engine.
The airplane, according to the builder"s manual, stands 5 feet tall. The cockpit has a very heavy thick cushion that is used by shorter people and removed for taller people. A person 6" 3" fits comfortably.
There are extra brackets on the lower frame tube that I think are there for mounting floats, but there are no drain holes in the fabric covered wings.
Included are a roll of blue prints and all the paper work I was given by the last owner. The airplane was registered by the last owner but I never renewed the registration.
The airplane is located at, Tanner-Hiller Airport, 298 Mcevoy Rd, New Braintree, Ma 01531, i n an enclosed hanger. Hanger fees at present are $110 a month but you might have to negotiate your own deal. The airport manager can help you I am sure.
I do not have a pilots license, nor am I an aircraft mechanic. All information I shared is completely accurate to the best of my knowledge only. Consider this a project that might not need much work at all, but I honestly just don"t know.
This Airplane sold last week but the person who won the auction did not act honestly. I guess it is a game?
Anyway, I want to be fair and not take my experience with this person out on real buyers. I want to sell this airplane. The winning bid was $6,900. I am therefore offering the airplane at a buy it now price of $6,500.
Located in New Braintree, Massachusetts, United States.
Current date: 2018-07-20