Notes: “ LIKE NEW. Low hours. Very well cared for ” 2013 Aircraft comes with a low time 503 Rotax.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ LIKE NEW. Low hours. Very well cared for ”
Model Year: 2013

Aircraft comes with a low-time 503 Rotax engine, oil injected, silencer, E box drive with clutch, 3 blade WarpDrive, FlightLine panel mount radio, Lynx intercom/Interface, strobe, EIS, front fairing, X-county bags, features a Mustang 3 K20 Light Sport Aircraft Wing.
Annuals needed but will pass without glitches. Registered as Special LSA.
The Sport X2 Apache · Light Sport Trike air-frame is a revolutionary design incorporating sport aircraft design suspension, welded 4130 aircraft steel main structure (Back Frame), 4130 dual mast and trailing link front steering. Unlike the tube-and-plate constructed trikes with their single mast, drag struts, side support cables and bungee cord suspension, the Sport X2 air-frame will maintain its structural integrity for years to come.
You can enjoy years of sturdy and confident flying knowing your trikes" rugged and well-designed suspension won"t get worn out.
The North Wing Sport X2 Apache was the winner of the Sun n" Fun 2009 " Outstanding Weight Shift Light Sport Aircraft Award "
Historic aircraft used by Operation Migration to reintroduce endangered Whooping cranes and guide them along a migration path from Wisconsin to Florida. Three others on display at Smithsonian Air and Space, Disney Animal Kingdom and the EAA Museum. Contact: Joe Duff 608 616 2038
* Sells NEW for $41k
Located in Wautoma, Wisconsin, United States.
Current date: 2018-09-20